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I'm starting this blog because nobody on my LJ cares about my 40k babble. At least here I can pretend people care. Occasionally I even paint some models. Or whatever.

  1. Techpriest Conversion + Sky-Earth NMM Chrome

    I'm currently working on an amusing conversion of a techpriest, based off the latest Engineseer model. After doing a decent dry-brushed paint job and letting it sit there for weeks, I decided out of the blue yesterday to change everything completely. (I have the feeling this will happen a lot with this hobby.)I decided to paint the metallic parts chrome, using the sky-earth NMM technique. It came out quite well I think, for my first chrome attempts and second-ever model. My boyfriend was impressed, ...
    Warhammer 40K ,
  2. Bloggy McBloggerson

    I love my boyfriend, because he actually <i>wants</i> me to encroach on his hobby.For the last two years he's been slowly filling me with 40k obsession, plying me with video games and novels and magazines. Finally I've got into actual painting, when I have a spare moment and the mood takes me. I created this blog to perhaps give me incentive to paint more often.I would tell you I "play" Empy's Children, but that's a bit of an exaggeration since I don't actually play and my ...
    Warhammer 40K ,

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