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  1. Knights, knights and knights

    My thought is that the Lords colour is Black and Yellow (some Men at arms, Bowmen, Knight Errants and a hero or two)
    BsB will have Red and Yellow (and thus bringing the most of the Knight Errants)

    One unit of knights is Red on White (inspired by Knights templar)
  2. General

    This will be rough!
    Im gonna do myself on a pegas!
    A more rough me perhaps.

    Taking the Questing knight banner bearer to make a general with the 'Heartwood lance'. He is blind or at least blindfolded so i think he needs a head swap.
    Now i need to decide if I'm gonna try to do a mustache on nr.4 or go with nr.1. Nr.3 is the coolest imo so I might wanna be him
  3. Here we go

    A few Men at arms made, but no banner and a unitfiller to be made... i hope

    Front, I'm satisfied with the champions shield 

    A little from above
  4. Men at arms

    oh how fun it is to paint 16 at once... Brown is in the new black for pesants...
  5. For starters

    Finaly started up the Bretonnians and after some initial frustration i have decided to go with one colorscheme over the board.
    It will be yellow/black on pesant, errant and KoTR. White on Questing knights and a multicolor on the Grail knights.
    As a fun side of it i will try to make a representant of every familymember. So my 1 year old will be a paige to myself on a royal pegas
    The 5 year old will be a charging KoTR, the 7 year old will be Q knights champion (Respannse) ...

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