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  1. Me, Myself and I

    Before posting my first pictures of painted metal (and plastics) I thought I'd put up some personal data (done't worry, I won't get too personal):
    Roleplaying games:
    1999-current: LARP
    2001-current: Playing D&D
    2002-2005: DM for D&D campaign with classmates @ college
    2002-current: DM for a Maztica D&D campaign (reboot in 2007)
    2003-current: Playing White Wolf (Vampire, Werewolf, Exalted)
    2005-current: Scenario for LARP (crew member)
    Painting ...
  2. Greetings weary travelers

    So this is it... A blog dedicated to geekness all over, with an emphasis on my humble miniature painting skills.
    Who will benefit from reading it? Apart from my players and friends? Probably none, considering the talent floating around these parts (CMON). But don't let that demotivate you, dear visitor.

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