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Miniature hobby painting for use with roleplaying games.

  1. Skaven Warlock

    One of the very first miniatures I ever bought, must have been back in 2002. This is the 2nd layer of paint already on this one. I like the pinkish rat flesh and the contrasting scroll on the filthy purple robes. Painted diretly on the metal without primer. Heresy, I know.
  2. Diego

    A conversion (sort of) from the Games Workshop "Mercenaries" box. I bought it as a Mordheim product but nowadays it sells under the Warhammer Empire line.

    I first painted this mini as a pirate (same dull pirate colors as the previous pic posted) but wasn't quite happy w the result. Then I decided to base the miniature on one of my former LARP characters, a Bloodstone player called Diego (Bloodstone = Bloodbowl variant).
    I recently changed the armband to red/white (Bloody Pigeons ...
  3. GW Religious Zealots

    I really like these figures. They're supposed to be part of a division of religious zealots or flagellants for GW's Empire army, but can be used as all kinds of RPG characters. Beggars, fishermen, doom prophets. Or zealots!

    The middle one was done first but added some touches later when the two others were finished. I think the fish is one of the best additions to a miniature EVER. :-)
  4. Vampire Lord

    A Strigoi Vampire from Warhammer. Bought and painted him for my Vampire Counts army which never seems to get finished. Been painting it for over 5 years now and still a lot to do.
    I like how he turned out, the undead flesh contrasts with his filthy reddish robes and details.
  5. Reaper Pirate

    One of my very first Reaper miniatures, used in a D&D campaign. Must have bought and painted him around 2003. Basic but decent colours. He could use some more detail and facial features, might add those someday but I don't want to change him right away out of nostalgia.
  6. Hero Quest - Evil!

    And here are some of the monsters that came with the game. The orcs were painted somewhere 2004-5. The undead more recently. Since I'm running an Age of Worms campaign I tried to add an overall greenish look to them. I'll show some of my Warhammer Undead later.

  7. Hero Quest

    The first miniatures I ever owned came with the superb boardgame Hero Quest. Original colours being reddish, I painted them a few years ago (think around 2006). Quite happy with the result, although I would add more detail nowadays. Also very low profile with the colours and just a coloured base (not even dirt on the sorcerer).
  8. Me, Myself and I

    Before posting my first pictures of painted metal (and plastics) I thought I'd put up some personal data (done't worry, I won't get too personal):
    Roleplaying games:
    1999-current: LARP
    2001-current: Playing D&D
    2002-2005: DM for D&D campaign with classmates @ college
    2002-current: DM for a Maztica D&D campaign (reboot in 2007)
    2003-current: Playing White Wolf (Vampire, Werewolf, Exalted)
    2005-current: Scenario for LARP (crew member)
    Painting ...
  9. Greetings weary travelers

    So this is it... A blog dedicated to geekness all over, with an emphasis on my humble miniature painting skills.
    Who will benefit from reading it? Apart from my players and friends? Probably none, considering the talent floating around these parts (CMON). But don't let that demotivate you, dear visitor.

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