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The Earth quake in Tohoku, Japan

  1. An apology and many gratitudes for all.

    Hi friends, still I'm okay and live safe, although the radiation marks 0.6 to 3 micro SV per an hour arounds my town.
    First of all, as one of Nihon-jin(Japanese), I apologize to all of you for let you get worried about these accidents still go worse.
    For since the area I live in is declared as "should keep inside the door" and "prepare for escape if emergency occurs", we can't receive neither cargo service nor distribution so that almost what I can know what is going on is only from ...
  2. Second night after the disaster.

    Hi, all!
    I live in Minami-soma city, Fukushima pref in Japan, and still live and okay.

    As you know, my country was hit by earth quakes again and again, and tidal waves caught my town, nothing has left but plain earth.
    But peoples are still live in there, strongly and kindfullly.Since I am staff of local volunteer team against fire, I see that through my own eyes in team action of rescue victims from under the mud and debris.
    So friends, ...

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