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  1. Progress report DoM4:W.I.P.

    I planned to have finished to sculpting my DoM until this sunday, and started to paint with hiveguard, shrikes and PoM, but failed.
    The reason of why I failed was work without clear image for his limbs.
    Though yes, there was way to sculpt his limbs folding like as ones' of zoanthlopes, I wanna give him more active image from his instinctive behavior predation.

    I think giving him scyzing talon is too exaggerate, but just small claws as like as zoan's is ...
  2. Progress report DoM3:W.I.P.

    Hi friends.
    I'd finished to sculpr the head of my  DoM, and started to do its body.

    ...And I thought that site from below is more effective to represent his impact.

    another angle of the DoM.
  3. Progress report DoM2: W.I.P.

    Hi, there.
    Finally I brought back my tools and miniatures to my new aportment.So became to be able to restart works for miniatures again.
    There're cases that a side work get more interest than main ones, I've started to sculpt my Doom of Malan'tai first in my play.

    Thanks to Woodland scenics for their nice product rock mold made by rubber, I could camouflage blass wire in his body in Greenstuff rock to assist him stands.

    Though  I intended to build ...
  4. Progress report: Tervigon W.I.P.

    Godamn thanks for TEPCO, I'd desided to leave my town and been busy for moving this period.
    Although so that I could make progress my mini works very few, I'd like to write my progress report to tell my foreign friends that I'm okay.

    From the memory I'd been impressed most in my life from 'We are the world - the USA for Africa',  still it's incredible for me foreign friends won't be able to act as like nihon-jin(japanese people) did this time if ...
  5. Caution! New tyranid reinforcements approaching fast!

    As I've told some of you, friends, my recent purchases from forge world is now arrived!

    This package includes one scythed hierodule, and sure, the greatest creature in tyranids...YES! Hierophant the bio-titan!!
    I didn't know the hierophant DOES NOT INCLUDE the base for himself, so it will take times to build up this horrible garganture beyond I had feared.
  6. Progress report2:Base decolate for PoM:W.I.P

    Now I'm planning Base decolate for PoM.

    I'd like to sprout rippers from chest broken of IG officer(Oops! I've forgotten to take pics from behind!).
    I need your critique and advices, thanks.
  7. Mawloc wipes out the sentinel of imperial guard!:W.I.P.

    To decolate my mawloc's base, I plan to add a sentinel collapsed.
    I'd like to finish the base of the deep strike units from below  elaborately because I look upon those units are the spearhead of the fleet, since I desided my hive fleet name as Nithhoggr.

    With electric drill and other tools, the cockpit will be modified to be seems to be heavy damaged.
  8. Next incoming: DoM

    While waiting GS gets hard, I started to sculpt new mini yet another "Doom of Malan'tai".

    Still his psychic ability is much effective since though I think him too expensive in cost that synapse creature special rule has lost the immune to instant death special rule.
    I can't help wating to use him in play.
    Following pic is for reference to size comparison.

    Request for critiques and advices, thanks.
  9. Progress report:PoM

    Temporaly update for report of progress. Thanks for Forgeworld, with their fine detailed wings for tyranid warrior, I could build my tyranid shrikes brood.

    Critiques and Advices are always wellcome.
    For high radiation level detected around the facility, my boss decided that the facility should be closed in this month.
    From the day I had posted my last note to today, I was in busy to find out substitutes facilities for children.
    From ...
  10. Gaunt spawning:Tervigon W.I.P.

    From comment of Barbal, I set a 'Tervigon sack' on side of abdomen (below of terma gaunt under sculpting) to give her more fat looks, does it work?

    I think this pose seems to be a kitten or a puppy on her back in play, doesn't it? ...Okay, I'm kidding you :-p
    Anyway,since this is my first 'serious' conversion with sculpting, I will make up this as carefully and carefully as I can.
    Request for comment, especially criticizes and advices.
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