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  1. Progress report DoM3:W.I.P.

    Hi friends.
    I'd finished to sculpr the head of my  DoM, and started to do its body.

    ...And I thought that site from below is more effective to represent his impact.

    another angle of the DoM.
  2. Rock molds of rubber

    This time, I'm going to talk about my rock pattern decolation on bases as like DoM's one in the notes below.
    "Wow, you are spending times for bases of minis too!"some persons cried I've met in GW hobby centres in japan, but always end with "hm, what a nice tool you use.." with some disapointed tunes if I introduce about this rock mold of rubber from Woodland Scenics.
    Excuse me for disapointing you with this, but this is such a useful tool for make bases of minis to add ...

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