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  1. Progress report:PoM

    Temporaly update for report of progress. Thanks for Forgeworld, with their fine detailed wings for tyranid warrior, I could build my tyranid shrikes brood.

    Critiques and Advices are always wellcome.
    For high radiation level detected around the facility, my boss decided that the facility should be closed in this month.
    From the day I had posted my last note to today, I was in busy to find out substitutes facilities for children.
    From ...
  2. An apology and many gratitudes for all.

    Hi friends, still I'm okay and live safe, although the radiation marks 0.6 to 3 micro SV per an hour arounds my town.
    First of all, as one of Nihon-jin(Japanese), I apologize to all of you for let you get worried about these accidents still go worse.
    For since the area I live in is declared as "should keep inside the door" and "prepare for escape if emergency occurs", we can't receive neither cargo service nor distribution so that almost what I can know what is going on is only from ...
  3. Second night after the disaster.

    Hi, all!
    I live in Minami-soma city, Fukushima pref in Japan, and still live and okay.

    As you know, my country was hit by earth quakes again and again, and tidal waves caught my town, nothing has left but plain earth.
    But peoples are still live in there, strongly and kindfullly.Since I am staff of local volunteer team against fire, I see that through my own eyes in team action of rescue victims from under the mud and debris.
    So friends, ...
  4. Gaunt spawning:Tervigon W.I.P.

    From comment of Barbal, I set a 'Tervigon sack' on side of abdomen (below of terma gaunt under sculpting) to give her more fat looks, does it work?

    I think this pose seems to be a kitten or a puppy on her back in play, doesn't it? ...Okay, I'm kidding you :-p
    Anyway,since this is my first 'serious' conversion with sculpting, I will make up this as carefully and carefully as I can.
    Request for comment, especially criticizes and advices.
  5. Priority in work has changed.

    I have to apologize to subscribers this blog, till next april ends, I set my priority in work on minuatures to competition minis for Kingdom x Pop con.

    I'm going to re-sculpt her face and more, most of coming updates will be about this mini for a while.
  6. Next incoming: PoM

    Yet an other Parasite of Mortlex.
    Request for comment, especially critisizes and advises.
  7. Assemble in test:Tervigon W.I.P.

    For checking pose of mini and balance between limbs and abdomen, I assembled tervigon in test this time.

    Brass wires can be seen under the chest, will become cores of fresh cords to supply nutritionals for gaunts in wombs.

     I will replace the holes to place middle limbs.. I mean, It seems there are too narrow spaces between front limbs and middles, doesn't it? 
    Okay, I know weapon symbiote crash claws for tervigon is much expensive ...
  8. Request for comments; Tervigon W.I.P.

    Hi, All!
    This is my first note for CMON Blog,  so I took care of the pictures to make clearly to see for readers to see detail easily, was it success?

    The projection at root of tail will be sculpted to yet another termagaunt spawning.
     I'm going to make a leman-rass battle tank as base of this monster.
    Critisizes and advises are welcome. 
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