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  1. Let's talk about painting, or: The Crab Clan Project

    OK, so it seems I got myself a commission...A dear friend of mine, who is an avid player of Legend of the 5 Rings (the RPG, not the tabletop tactical game) wants me to paint her PC, a Crab Clan female samurai called Mayumi. So, here it starts! I've picked this miniature for the project - a 54 mm model by Pegaso Models, an Italian manufacturer of historical minis (and the occasional scantily clad female). At this stage the mini is cleaned, filled (there was a nasty gap on her back, at the joint of ...
  2. Eeeep... _Other_ hobbies?

    Yeah, I know. Other hobbies, yeuch. But, see, the trouble with miniature painting is that it's a very static hobby; I need to be at home, with loads of stuff at my disposal and enough time to make it worthwhile (I know there are painters who manage to work in very short sessions - while traveling by train or plane even - and using no more than the basic colours and a spare plastic cap as a palette. More power to them, I say, but I really can't be arsed to do that.)So while on the bus, or when I ...
  3. Hey, lookie... new blog!

    Uhm, hi. Thanks for visiting. As you can see, there's not much in here right now, but hopefully this blog will turn into a warm, cozy place. In the meanwhile, please sit down and have a cookie!

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