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This blog will mainly be about painting, modelling and gaming surrounding the tabletop game warhammer and (occasionally) warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop. Miniatures from other hobby lines may be included either by request, or by 'cool' factor.

  1. 5:02 AM: Savage orcs O' Scotlund--- Woad complete!

    Another long and drawn out painting session on an old converted savage orc unit tonight, or should I say this morning! Jut put the brushes to bed after finishing off the 'woad' warpaint that is iconic to the said orcs. I feel that the majority of the models came out pretty well considering the limited time I spent on each individual design; but one has to remember that with gaming peices, progress is key: get caugt up with one faucet of the model and painters of my limited ability get frustrated ...

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