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A blog showing my progression as a miniature painter.

  1. State troop - The one and only

    Well I'm a slow painter, I'll say that. But I'm learning, more and more each day. I've painted a base coat over this guy, worked some shadow areas and some highlights, learned a lot about layering, too quick too soon, and about removing mold lines before painting!

    I put him on my window ledge and took a few shots while turning him around. A little photoshop color correction and painting out the background and I have a good mini display layout which I can use to display my in progress ...
  2. Speedpaint

    Catching up on speedpainting and letting ideas flow onto the page without getting caught up in anatomy, structure etc. 
  3. Updated shield and priming

    I carried on painting the shield, trying out the NMM style. Also primed up a bunch of models. The shield wasn't very well primed, so it got a little messy, I think next time i'll spray prime and do a better job, but I do think it turned out pretty well. 

  4. First licks of paint

    Here is a small shield I'm painting right at this moment. I'm trying to learn a variety of techniques and to learning how to paint different surfaces, I have a couple of sets bought that I will be painting, and an empire general that I hope to be my first 'good paintjob'.

    Here are a set waiting to get that all important spray

  5. The beginnings

    Hi, Just a short introduction to my blog. Click the title for the full post. I'm a digital artist, specialising in character design. I do various 3d modeling/lighting/renderin work for film, games and architecture. Recently I looked at warhammer again after at least 10 years, the new pieces and styles blew me away.  I'm absolutely new to the world, the game rules and I'll probably make some serious mistakes but I want to build up an army of well painted figures, with the hope of taking some ...

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