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  1. stiff upper lip

  2. pith helmets and sabers

    There will be a lot more pith helmets and swords to come when I get to the Queen's Own Regiment, but I'm enjoying these two dashing fellows at the moment:

  3. 3 to the wind

    Enough of that web-wrangling, time to get back to painting. Finished these three (all but detail touchup) tonight:

  4. The DaNerdi Code

    I've been working on re-formatting and redesigning my website slowly for a few months. With the release of WPM (see previous post) I imagine another little spike in traffic will hit my site as it did the last time my site was linked in that publication. I'd hoped to have it done before the new issue came out.... oops. Anyway, I subdued my distractions the lasat couple of nights and finished the remaing code and rolled it out. There are no doubt some typographic errors, as 1)I am a terrible editor ...
  5. Verdigris

    Issue #3 of Wargames Painting and Modelling is finally out, and includes an article I wroute about painting verdigris.

  6. On trousers

    Had a busy weekend in non-painting activities, so only a little progress to update. I've been hunting down reference material and feel a bit more in tune with the Victorian theme.

    I've also made a bunch of progress on the MadPonies website redesign. Got a lot of pages updated and moved over into the new framework. It's tedious work, but I'm nearly done and I should be cutting over soonish.
  7. Vicky Flesh

    Started in on the Victorian personalities' skin.

    Happy New Year all. : )

  8. overwhelming

    Here is the Space:1889 Victorian Sci-Fi project, all based and primed.


  9. helmet head

    I had a bunch of greenstuff mixed up to fix some bases on the VSF project. . . While it was drying I couldn't do much else, so I thought I'd use up a little of it on a small conversion. I dremeled the crown+helmet off of a Robert the Bruce figure, and decided to see if I could just make him into a normal knight.
    Man, smooth surfaces are insanely difficult, I don't know how sculptors do it. So far I'm decently pleased with it, but getting a rolled edge / ridge around the edge of the helmet is ...
  10. break from the break

    Okay, yuletide happenings are finally done, time to get back to work. The empire reiksguard go back into a holding pattern (hopefully not as long of one as previously) as a load of figures for a big comission finally arrived, as well as one single figure that I'll be doing for another customer at the same time. Should be an interesting stretch coming up . The main project is a set of figures for a Space:1889 victorian sci-fi RPG. Colonial era British soldiers, Victorian PCs, Prussians, and then ...
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