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  1. Samurai out, Amazons in. . . .the revolving paint shop.

    Finished this samurai tonight... I'm very happy with him. the more washed out colors are a bit of a departure for me. It's nice to not do everything in high saturation.
    Do you think he needs eyebrows?

    The last two Amazons arrived in the mail today, so it's back to that project. I finished the shields I had left to do tonight:
    Hopefully I can finish the last two ladies by next week, before my next project arrives.
  2. one on every corner.

    I have too many ideas for random games. Especially those that would require a sizable undertaking to bring to fruition. The latest is a near-future gang fight type game in the Shadowrun / Shockforce idiom. Random underground / scavenger / freelance gangs vs Corporate Defense squads in Seattle. The corporate troops? Starbucks. Their green would make great troop uniform colors. Can you imagine their mermaid logo done up on unit banners, and on the side of vehicles like this!? I can, and in my imagination ...
  3. the assassin's creed

    finished this guy. . . final pics hopefully in a day or two:

    This guy is coming along nicely too

    Off to a puppet show tomorrow night, so probably no updates for a bit.
  4. Warriors from the East

    I'll be able to finish this fella as soon as the sand dries on the base.

    IN the mean time, another one I've had started for a long time. Finally got past the flesh tones tonight:

  5. night of the assassin

    I've had this guy on my desk, partially painted for months. I started and restarted him at least twice I think. I wasn't happy with any of the variations I'd tried. Today I decided it didn't matter that much . .. I love the figure, and so I'll be happy to have him in my collection no matter.

    So now I'm finishing him up, quicker than I would have originally intended. . .but at least he'll be done.
  6. FU!UK-Tarts: Finished

    The FUUK-Tarts gang is also done, yay!

    Some closer pictures of the foot soldiers, the bikers, and a closer look at the gang leader.

    A very fun project. If you're at Salute 2008, you can check them out in person.
  7. Gun Street Girls - Finished

    Finally got the finished figures photographed under better lighting:

    Bigger pics here and here.

    They are also available on ebay if anyone is interested in giving a couple of them a home.
    1, 2, 3, & 4 .
  8. Turkey Tarts

    finished off the 2nd biker in between making casserole and dressing today:

    And I got started on the last gang member:

    Now it's time to got eat turkey.
  9. More FUUK-Tarts

  10. . . .man eaters on motor bikes

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