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  1. vrooom!

  2. we are the hell-cats nobody likes. . .

    This project is another bunch of girls, to be sent off to the UK for the Frothers gang-fight demo at Salute '08.
    I was warned off of Westwind, and sadly it was warranted- the figures aren't that great. They are OK gaming figures, but really lacking where it counts in the details, hands, and faces. But, they fit the idiom I wanted, and they'll do for demo game.

    I'm doing them very quickly, but I hope someone will enjoy driving them around the board anyway.
  3. and the leotard makes 8

    It's finishing touches time on the last of the Gun Street Girls . . .

    And a sneakpeak at what the whole batch will look like when done:

    There is enough variety in the figures from this pack that I was thinking of maybe putting them up for sale in pairs, rather than all 8 together. I don't know if someone would want the whole gang or not. We shall see I guess. . .

  4. the Girls of November

    Been another sporadic week, but I finally settled down and finished this lot this evening. That leaves me with only Ms Catsuit shown in the previous picture left to do. I guess I need to quit stalling on what color to do her togs now, and come up with something.

    I think the guns might be a touch over highlighted. I like the effect over all, but I think a bit more subdued would be nice. I like the pair of pistols alright, but I think the shotgun is a bit light.

  5. lead slinging ladies

    It has been a bit sporadic this week. I quit smoking the other day, and all though it has gone much better than I thought it might, it did throw off my painting concentration a bit for the first couple days. Anyway, catching back up with the rest of the gun-street-girls:

    I'm still not sure what color do Ms. Bodysuit there. . . I've got another project that is going to be a lot of black leather, so I'd prefer to do something else here... Black or red are probably the standards when it ...
  6. just a bunch of girls.

    I really like the way these came out. The rest of the pack are a little more tightpants and boots and stuff.. . so I don't know if the tough style I tried to get on these will work on them . . . we'll see.

    whatdya think of these:
  7. Gun Street Girls

    I originally got these to do as a street gang for a demo-game to be run at Salute next year, however I came up with a different idea that I liked better for that project, so now I have a bunch of Mr. Copplestone's gun toting ladies, in both street and more corporate attire. Not something I would normally paint for my own collection, but they are pretty nice, clean, simple pieces.
    Nothing too absurd aside from the set-piece improbable bosoms.
  8. penultimate amazons

    I've been jacked up on cold medicine for two days, so I haven't trusted myself to do the freehand on the last 4 shields. Otherwise they're done. Just waiting for the musician and standard bearer to arrive in the mail, then the whole unit will be ready.

    and some closer shots of the two halves:

  9. tired of hearing about amazons yet?

    I woke up sick this morning. yuck.
    Mustered the concentration to paint for a little while, but not enough to take pictures. Finished most of the last bits- sandals, feet, eyes, spears, and most of the touchups they needed. The eyes were hard enough, being as out of it as I am, so I left the shields for later.
    No freehand on cold medicine.

    Almost there.

    My figures I'm painting for the FUUK Salute game arrived from Westwind today. .. I'm a little underwhelmed. ...
  10. Amazons

    metals, crests, & hair done. got some trim in there too.
    The end is near! Though, I just ordered a musician and standard bearer for them too, so the unit will still be a while before it's done as a whole.

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