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  1. lame

    nothing seems to render right in Firefox.

    and my ranking counter doesn't seem to show up right in firefox either.

    this is getting less fun the more I play around with it.
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  2. the good the bad and the primer

    GW changed their black primer a while back. It now totally sucks.

    In my quest for a good, cheap, thin, black primer, I finally found one I like: DupliColor Sandable Black Primer.

    If you are in the US, it's available for like $5 a can at Napa, Shucks, and other auto parts stores. I highly recomend it.

    What I hate is when it gets cold out (like tonight) and black primer dries slightly grey.
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  3. The sound of one hand blogging

    So I get a blog since I support CMON. . .
    I don't know if anyone would actually want to read a blog I kept.
    I've been on cmon a long time, but I'm not very active on the forums anymore, as they tend to suck me in. . .and then I don't paint. So, you very well may not recognize my name, or my work.

    My CMON Gallery
    for those who keep track:
    *shrug* I'm currently painting some Amazons from Fortress Figures. They are coming along very nicely.

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