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  1. bits and bobs

    After 6 long weeks of no painting, I finally took a break from putting our house in order and laid brush to lead today on some random projects. A new version of my zombie stoner (by request), a WW1 officer, and Marshal Ney:

    It's amazing how much I missed this.
  2. The Fool Is Back!

    Well, sort of at least. I'm mostly unpacked, and all moved into the new place. The painting area has been set up, even though I haven't started back to work yet. Hopefully soon as most of the major move-in projects are getting done or are nearly there. To celebrate, I thought I'd share this guy, who I finished just before the move.
    Penrose Il Matto. He made it to the semi-finals in Steve Dean's last competition, and he's for sale if anyone might want to give him a new home.
  3. Brief Hiatus

    I have to pack and move. It'll probably later in the month before I have any time to paint and post again. I'm very excited about the new place, but it'll be a chore to get everything moved, and not painting will be a bit of a drag, even if it is for good reasons.

    until next time. . .
  4. commander taco

    It took all of my restraint to not paint the fella on the right's bicorne in tortilla-brown and the ruffed fur edging as lettuce and cheese. These aren't as fun as the Gloucester napoleonic was, but they are an otherwise OK distraction during this stressful week.
  5. 2 down, 1 to go.

    The Barbarian chariot is done, can I get a witness? So the original archer is pinned to be swappable with Red Sonja here. I also made a base for which everone is not currently in the chariot, to hang out in.

  6. at the gates

    Hopefully I'll get this chariot photgraphed properly tomorrow, now that it's done. Also doing a few quick Frenchmen with ludicrous hats (below) for a friend since things have been Napoleonic around here last week.

  7. Buttons of improbable coloring.

    I've been informed these buttons should be more pewter. Oh well. He was fun to paint, but I can't imagine painting napoleonics all the time. I'd go mad.

    Oh, got back to the barbarian chariot too and the horses are done; the glue affixing them to the base is drying as I type.
  8. spit and polish

  9. By Our Deeds We Are Known

    Working on this officer from the 28th Regiment of Foot (Gloucester), for a charity auction. One of a fairly small number that were cast. Sculpted (very well) by Paul Hicks.

  10. the lead walk among us

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