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  1. Don't Look. . . .

    . . . just Leap. My radio show is coming back off of several months hiatus for the night, and I'll be DJing online this evening:------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Radio Esperanto celebrates calendaric anomolies with acoustic accompanyment this coming leap evening.

    Tune in if you choose, by pointing your mp3-thingy to our server.

    Leap Show
    Feb 29, 21:00 (PST)
    with CJP.

    stream links available at:
  2. Scion of Athena

    The leader of the band of warrior women:
    Boobs just for you, Jericho.
  3. The DaNerdi Code

    I've been working on re-formatting and redesigning my website slowly for a few months. With the release of WPM (see previous post) I imagine another little spike in traffic will hit my site as it did the last time my site was linked in that publication. I'd hoped to have it done before the new issue came out.... oops. Anyway, I subdued my distractions the lasat couple of nights and finished the remaing code and rolled it out. There are no doubt some typographic errors, as 1)I am a terrible editor ...
  4. Verdigris

    Issue #3 of Wargames Painting and Modelling is finally out, and includes an article I wroute about painting verdigris.

  5. break from the break

    Okay, yuletide happenings are finally done, time to get back to work. The empire reiksguard go back into a holding pattern (hopefully not as long of one as previously) as a load of figures for a big comission finally arrived, as well as one single figure that I'll be doing for another customer at the same time. Should be an interesting stretch coming up . The main project is a set of figures for a Space:1889 victorian sci-fi RPG. Colonial era British soldiers, Victorian PCs, Prussians, and then ...
  6. baby got back

    Or actually, my back is making me feel like a baby. I had a weird knot in my back start a couple days was annoying but tolerable. Last night I accidentally aggrivated it while trying to adjust the blankets on my bed. Sounds silly, but I must have strained it just right because it went into a massive spasm. I haven't felt pain like this in quite some time.  Anyway, no other update today likely. . .I'm not sure if I'll be able to paint. 2 posts in a row with no WIP photos! I promise, ...
  7. Need some Iliad figs

    I'm trying to track down 3 figures from the now defunct Iliad games: Murata, female Aeromancer of Heraklyn, and the Air Elementals.Any leads on tracking these down would be greatly appreciated.Her , Him, and Them. Thanks!
  8. Samurai, Martial Artists, & Assassins, Oh my!

    Finally finished this batch:

    The assassin an be seen here for now, and the other 4 have full pics on CMON, here, here, here, & here.

  9. one on every corner.

    I have too many ideas for random games. Especially those that would require a sizable undertaking to bring to fruition. The latest is a near-future gang fight type game in the Shadowrun / Shockforce idiom. Random underground / scavenger / freelance gangs vs Corporate Defense squads in Seattle. The corporate troops? Starbucks. Their green would make great troop uniform colors. Can you imagine their mermaid logo done up on unit banners, and on the side of vehicles like this!? I can, and in my imagination ...
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