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  1. Friar's Avatar
    I just had to say that this knight could easily be Sir Charlie Brown. Very nicely done, all your pieces seem to have a very expressive side to them :) Can't wait to see more.
  2. skeeve's Avatar
    I love the owl, the one from the coin. With the exception of violet on one of the shields looks very Greek too
  3. blackfly's Avatar
    Ha! I actually finished the unit, Jericho. I haven't posted the pictures just yet, but I will shortly. Sorry to bore you with the lizards. ;)
  4. Jericho's Avatar
    Whatever happened to the ones with the boobies, I must say I liked them better :D Just joking around, these dinos look cool. The sculpts look a bit iffy but the subtle striping and texture on their backs is looking good.
  5. No Such Agency's Avatar
    One at a time, matey, one at a time :)

    (Or one unit at a time I guess)
  6. johnboyjjb's Avatar
    Sure, they'll look just fine in a pack of 25. The difference in detail is there but it's subtle enough. Maybe because you've been good for quite a while.
  7. airhead's Avatar
    Singing Queensryke's Queen of the Ryke the whole time....
    Looking good.
  8. johnboyjjb's Avatar
    Glad your feeling better, at least I assume your feeling better.
  9. sven's Avatar

    They are the ones I've found in stock. :)
  10. blackfly's Avatar
    Heh, thanks JB.

    I see that a lot of people read it, even if they don't comment. It's nifty to know people are interested enough to check the updates, comments or no.


    and I'm not holding my breath too hard . . . the Iliad stuff has been OOP for a while. I've got a few lines I'm checking on, so we'll see.
  11. johnboyjjb's Avatar
    Sorry, can't help with your search for the minis. I can say, don't get too disappointed if people don't comment. I check your blog every time it is updated.
  12. Jericho's Avatar
    Wow the standard bearer's pose really shows off the hyperrealism of the sculpts doesn't it :D That horn blower is pretty fantastic by the way, I love the fish trumpet thingy.
  13. blackfly's Avatar
    Occasionally, yeah.

    I've been making an effort to keep the pedal to the metal lately though. :)

  14. blackfly's Avatar
    Thanks Angela. glad you're enjoying the watching. It's nice to know some of the hits on the blog are from real people too, and not all robots. :p
  15. supervike's Avatar
    You are like a painting machine!! you do stop to sleep or eat occassionally, I hope. Great stuff.
  16. blackfly's Avatar
    She's one of a couple not-Lara Crofts that all came out around the same time. I really like the fig on its own actually, though I'm not really a tombraider fan.

    Yep, still waiting on the last two Amazons before I finish that group. Should be here this week I think.
  17. Jericho's Avatar
    Wow that one girl has a very strong Lara Croft kinda look to her. Pretty solid, still waiting on the mail before finishing the Amazons?
  18. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    Yeah, it seems to be a lottery at the moment as to where there are strikes currently going on. Don't fear, though, it's not just overseas shipping that's affected.
  19. Scott's Avatar
    Don't forget that we've had postal strikes over here that have seriously disrupted things for the past few weeks. All depends on when and where your stuff was posted - some areas have been better at shifting the backlogue than others.
    Hasslefree are very good though :)
  20. hakoMike's Avatar
    Well, the comment engine stripped all the html out of my message. Shoot me an email at hakomike at gmail and I'll send you the corrected tags for the rank and to make it a link to your gallery.
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