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  1. The Queen's Own . . .

    I've been lacking updates lately, so here's a shot of the colonial troops:

  2. Deinonychus, party of 4. . .

    I'm really happy with the way these came out. Never tried to get an skin like this before so for for a first go, I'm pleased:

  3. Jurassic Pork

  4. Leapin' lizards

    I finished the Reptilliad unit today:

    Next up I think will be the Brits. . or possibly dinosaurs.
  5. loads a' lizards

    These guys are moving pretty well as they have verty little kit on them, and are only being done to 'cannon-fodder' quality

    bit more close up here
  6. lotsa lizards

    Starting on the repltiliad group for this VSF. I think this will be the hardest part of the project, as 1) the models are all the same, and 2) they aren't very good or interesting. Oh well, everything else should be fun enough. . .can't win em all.

  7. Tea for 6.

    Well the PCs for this Space1889 group are all done, aside from one that is still on back order.

    And a closer look at the last two:

  8. stiff upper lip

  9. pith helmets and sabers

    There will be a lot more pith helmets and swords to come when I get to the Queen's Own Regiment, but I'm enjoying these two dashing fellows at the moment:

  10. 3 to the wind

    Enough of that web-wrangling, time to get back to painting. Finished these three (all but detail touchup) tonight:

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