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  1. The Honorable Col. Marbles

    Shown in the patrol uniform of the 69th Infantry Regiment. "The Felchers".
    Limited Ed. fig sculpted by the amazingly talented Shane Hoyle for participants of the FU!UK Salute 08 game.
    I did sort of a rush job, but I just wanted something fun and quick to get him on my shelf so I can keep on keepin' on otherwise.

  2. . . . the time of the orc is at hand

    #2.  did a slightly differrent skin tone here, more yellow ochre at the end rather than ivory. 
  3. The time of men is at an end

  4. a dark secret

    unspeakable things are happening at Madponies.

    ORCS have been seen on the painting bench!

    Don't worry, it'll all be back to normal before too long.
  5. Cabin Boy (with no chance of promotion)

  6. Pirate Party

    The undead pirates are partying down because they are all done being painted, and thus the crew is ready to get underway. They are also forsale on ebay should anyone want them.

    Individual pictures On CMON

  7. Fear the Dead-Pirate Roberts

  8. the deadest deckhands

  9. Minor detour to the chaos wastes

    Random chaos thug. A coworker got it as a freebie from his warhammer online account and doesn't do lead, so he thought he was being nice by giving it to me. I don't want it, and likely would never source any conversions from it, so I painted it and am giving it back to him. That'll learn him!

  10. First day with the hook. . .

    (punchline to a great pirate joke).

    Anyway, I took a week off for a motorcycle ride, and then a few more days to get back into the painting groove, but here I am. Made a little progress on the this group. I'll enjoy these last three, but I'm definately ready to be done with the skellies.

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