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Work In Progress

  1. The Guns of Nava-Bone!

  2. boomtime

  3. Rag Tag Fugitive Guncrew

  4. The Man from M.A.D.P.O.N.I.E.S.

    I had a great time with this smooth operator from Mountain Miniatures.

    He's also for sale on ebay presently.

  5. old and rusty, but still shootin'

  6. Deadeye

  7. the quick and the dead

    Been out in the woods for a few days so not much painting, but I finished this one after work today

    This little fella looks like a quick draw:

  8. Dead Men Don't Reload

  9. Rome's Enemies Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

    still finisihing up the bases.
    Left to Right: German, Pict, Celt, Gaul, Celt, Celt. (all foundry)
  10. toe bones connected to the. . .

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