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Painting and Modelling

  1. By Our Deeds We Are Known

    Working on this officer from the 28th Regiment of Foot (Gloucester), for a charity auction. One of a fairly small number that were cast. Sculpted (very well) by Paul Hicks.

  2. Screaming in the rain

    This fig is super fun to paint. Thanks to Bill @ Musketeer for a great sculpt
  3. the lead walk among us

  4. night of the living lead

    For a massive zombie fight game at Salute 2009

    Great sculpts from BillT@Musketeer.
  5. junk in the trunk

    Mostly just need to finish up the horses and make a chariot base, and this project is ready to shelve till the sale.

  6. better Red than dead

    I finished this lass shortly after taking this. Final pictures will be a while in coming though- now to do the chariot and horses.

  7. Sonjafication

    Turns out a hairdryer is just the right amount of heat to get the resin pliable, but not droopy or dangerously maleable. Even halfway through the paintjob. Thanks to SJB for the suggestion! So now her spear is no longer swept backward.
  8. Baby Got Chariot

    The CMON shop exceeded expectations (not hard to do) and delivered SJB's latest barbarian lady in time to include her in this project, which I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do or not. I re-drilled the chariot frame to accomodate either the bowman or her scantily-clad spear throwing self, depending on preference for game utility. Seeing as her sculpting is better and more uptodate, she's getting a little better treatment than the boys with the brush, but I'm still moving along at a good pace. ...
  9. thug life

    Big burly barbar's! quick-n-dirty work on some Harlequin chariot crew:

  10. Charioteers ho!

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