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  1. foot bones connected to the . . .

    toe bone.

    bust week, kept me from painting much. I did manage to get some in though:

    liking these. :-)
  2. ankle bones connected to the. . .

  3. shin bones connected to the. . .

    . . . .ankle bone.

    Two sunny dry days in a row here . . .I'm begining to think it might /actually/ be spring. I'm going to scale back painting some as the weather begins to favor camping, and motorcycle trips more, but I'm going to try and strike a happy medium, instead of dropping the brush completely like last summer. Yesterday we planted flowers and made rootbeer floats.

  4. Dem bones

    Got inspired to do some skeleton pirates from Bronze Age & Moonlight. These are promising to be an enjoyable little project.

  5. Parliament of freehand

    The shields from this unit. The owl motif on the warriors shields are based on the seattle street artist (OvO). The leader's shield is based on an Athenian coin.

  6. more amazons: all greek to me

    The Cult of Athena's standard:

    The greek on the standard is from the ~7th centrury BCE 'Homeric' Hymns. . . it reads:
    "Of Pallas Athena, Guardian of the City, I begin to sing. Dread is she, and with Ares she loves deeds of battle, the taking of cities and the clamour and the conflict."
  7. Amazon Champion

  8. The Naked and the !Dead

  9. amazons finished

  10. let them have boobs

    Since the boob related posts are obviosuly the most popular, and in demand, I give you The Warrior Cult of Athena. The whole unit, and first a clost up of the HQ: (more later)

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