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  1. the quick and the dead

    Been out in the woods for a few days so not much painting, but I finished this one after work today

    This little fella looks like a quick draw:

  2. Dead Men Don't Reload

  3. Undead Pirates Seeking Adventure and New Seas to Plunder

    These guys are up for sale on ebay.

    Next batch will be gunners and characters; stay tuned, or get in touch if you or yours might be interested.

  4. Rome's Enemies Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

    still finisihing up the bases.
    Left to Right: German, Pict, Celt, Gaul, Celt, Celt. (all foundry)
  5. Arrow Storm!

  6. Arrows cost money

    I finally finished the bases on these... they've been waiting around for a while:

    English ( / Welsh conscript) bowmen, and their captain Sir William Samson. c1290s.

  7. Under the Black Flag

    who knows if you'll ever be able to read this entry thanks to the cmon blog system being totally bolloxed up. :/

    arrrghghgh! *shamble*
  8. toe bones connected to the. . .

  9. foot bones connected to the . . .

    toe bone.

    bust week, kept me from painting much. I did manage to get some in though:

    liking these. :-)
  10. ankle bones connected to the. . .

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