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  1. shin bones connected to the. . .

    . . . .ankle bone.

    Two sunny dry days in a row here . . .I'm begining to think it might /actually/ be spring. I'm going to scale back painting some as the weather begins to favor camping, and motorcycle trips more, but I'm going to try and strike a happy medium, instead of dropping the brush completely like last summer. Yesterday we planted flowers and made rootbeer floats.

  2. Dem bones

    Got inspired to do some skeleton pirates from Bronze Age & Moonlight. These are promising to be an enjoyable little project.

  3. Archers 2, Electric Boogaloo

  4. loose!

    Some english archers I've been mucking about with. The muted yellow took a little trial and error, but I like what I've got

  5. Space 1889: The Final Figure

    I finally finished this martial artist, which is the last in long project I've been working on for a customer's RPG game. I'm really excited to be able to send him this box of nicely done figures, and know they will be enjoyed over many many nights of the game he's running.

  6. Get off my lawn.

    I just finished this silly little terrain piece given to me by my wife, back when we'd only been dating a short time. I think its pretty neat in its own right, but that origin makes it even cooler. I think it's by Reaper.

  7. the flowing robes of Xiao Li

    Working on getting the hakama going with the right amount of vibrance. I may need to tone this down a little tonight, but I am liking it.
  8. The iron fist of Xiao Li

    This is the last figure for the VSF project- A chinese serving woman / body guard for the Victorian lady.

    This one is from Crunch-Waffle

  9. Poor Knights of Christ

    Brian De Jay, knight Templar. Fought with Edward I, and was killed at Falkirk.(ebob miniatures). Flanked by two Templar sergeants (perry miniatures).

  10. The Land that Time Forgot

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