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  1. Iron Warrior Painting Walkthrough Part 2

    11) Drybrush Blood Red onto the hair to highlight the individual strands

    12) Drybrush Boltgun Metal to the Armour on areas catching the light

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  2. Iron Warrior Painting Walkthrough Part 1

    A quick guide on how I paint my Iron Warriors.

    Some steps are staggered (e.g. Highlighting the model are sometimes several stages apart) in order to allow time for the paint to dry.

    1) Prime black and touch up with Chaos Black

  3. Dark Vengeance (Limited Ed.) - The Unboxing

    After many nights of ogling at pictures of the Dark Vengeance miniatures on the Games Workshop site, I finally got my hands on the Limited Ed. boxed set!

    The box itself has a nice finishing and looks really polished.

    The contents include:
    48 miniatures + 1 Limited mini
    Dice, Bases, Templates and Range Finders
    Quick Reference Sheet, ...

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