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  1. Malifaux in Da House

    Hy Everyone!

    In our last entry i spoke about my Malifaux project, at now i'll show you what is done from them.

    First of all, these models came from one of my friend, he is a pro painter(approx 8+ here at CMON), but he got tons of models/figures( he says, approx two or three thousand), so he gave me her full Arcanist Faction and said: " Paint it to a good quality, if it's not, you start them from the beginning".

    So be it, i'll do my best here. Two weeks ago, ...

    Updated 08-06-2013 at 02:53 AM by Beerzerks Painting

    Painting and Modelling
  2. Some stuff from Knight Models

    Hi There!

    One of my friend gave me some Arkham City stuff from Knight Models to paint out: Bane, Joker and some crew, and Batman.
    The models are awesome and fine detailed, so it's a pleasure to paint.

    Bane is now finished, others in various condition. Two crew is assembled, primed, and attached to the base, Joker and the third crew member is in the box right now, and Batman too.

    I did some picture to you:

    Finished Bane


    Updated 08-03-2013 at 06:12 AM by Beerzerks Painting

    Painting and Modelling

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