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  1. My Siege of Fort Retribution. (by Never Knows Best, pictures by Elric)

    GenCon, 2014. Part two!

    My search for information regarding the infamous Siege at Fort Retribution prior to visiting that hallowed ground turned up surprisingly little. Each nook I searched or corner I turned only increased my sense of paranoia, almost as if there was a massive conspiracy by Prevailer historians to have that place and its battle stricken from any official record.

    In my search all I found were two, tiny photos of a massive wall standing before blurry ...
  2. Want to have fun at a Convention? Demo Dark Age. (by Never Knows Best)

    GenCon: 2014. It is my third visit. Three visits, I feel, is enough to start to figure out this massive convention full of ticketed events, exhibitor booths, open play rooms, and tons of distractions and opportunities tucked away into every nook and corner. The goal? To have as much fun as possible.

    Like previous years I decided to do a few things differently. The exhibit hall is only open between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, so Rule #1 is "schedule no events during this time." ...

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