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  1. Chaos Champion WIP

    Here's a WIP I'm wokring on currently, the highlights don't quite pop just yet but I'm building on the white highlights slowly but surely...
  2. Ok, WTF?

    So, its 2300 local - the GF has gone to work, and I'm sitting here unwinding after painting off and on all day - almost have the male fire giant finished, the female is getting close, and I even started work on a third piece - a Reaper Warlord Necromancer who looks like Tim the Enchanter from Holy Grail.  But the pallette is full of half dried paints,and I'm out of tea, so its time to stop for the night.  The tv is on USA - I was watching Law and Order, but apparently its time for their ...
  3. The joy of matte medium

    So, I decided to nail down my glazing that for quite some time was rather inconsistent. Plus, need to paint 30 dire avengers was also stimulating.  Anyway long story short. I used to use Liquitex glaze medium that did the job yet always created intense shining coat (Dude! can you read? It is GLAZE medium, stupid). So, today I tried matte medium from liquitex. Well, not only the shine is no more, my feeling is that the final result is much better as well. Whenever, I get my camera back I'll ...
  4. Greenstuff!!! Success Dr. Oppenhiemer

    So, had to run an errand for the GF this morning, and since it was on the way, the LGS was the place to be.And yes, the desired greenstuff was there, along with another of Jason Wiebe's Giants, of the Frost variety.  Soon as I finish the Fire Giants he's prolly next up - along with the Ogre Bull to Ogryn Conversion that was waiting on the GS.Course, I sculpt like I paint - poorly. 
  5. Another album added

    It is nice to have vacation. Just added another album and also figured how to configure the layout of albums. Too bad Firefox doesn't like my template. Things are still readable but slightly garbled when you visit the page for the first time. So this is my "Arcane" stuff 
  6. Fire Giants

    Ok, so after much work and realizing that once again I had glued the top on the bottle of super glue, our friend the Fire Giant, along with the female Fire Giant I had purchased a while back is ready for priming.Lets see how things go from hereEdit -Sitting here looking at both of them, skin tones finished, waiting on it to dry.  Course, I'm not sure if my clear coat is still clear, but we'll see.Might have to take some wip shots just cause.
  7. Green Stuff where art thou?

    Ok, so this morning I made my bi weekly run to the LGS - hoping to find some Green Stuff so I could continue a conversion project I started two weeks ago - primarily because for some reason GW Plastic and Miliput do not get along.Now, the LGS has had Green Stuff there every day for weeks, but when I go in its like the GS fairy has struck and they're out.  Oh well, conversion will slip to back burner, since I did pick up an older Reaper Fire Giant.  We'll see how it turns out when I get ...
  8. Green Banshee squad - WIP and not so WIP pictures

    Tried to make my first album. I got to admit that from the first try the intrface feels a bit clunky and I with I could actually put thumbnails into 1 column rather then in 2, but here it goes.
    This is my green banshee squad that got HM at Baltimore in 2007
  9. just to start it off

    Q: How many company biotechnologists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Four; one to write the proposal, one to design the bulb-changer, one to
    design the bulb-fetcher, and one to design the bulb.
    Q: How many freelance biotechnologists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: One; he designs the bulb to crawl up the wall, unscrew the old one and
    screw itself in.
    Q: How many evolutionists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Only one, but it ...
  10. Today is Friday! Guess what thatt means?!

    You probably didn't guess , and I can't be arsed telling you.Today is a good day in the world of Office engineering! I made an astounding breakthrough in Papyrus Aeroplane engineering! The maiden flight set down nicely at the opposite end of the office after a favourable flight with sunshine and mild westerly winds.I decided only then to name it and colour it in, this one is obviously destined for greater things! Begone nameless cration! Arise "Sexiest plane mich has ever made, ever, MKII". ...
    General ,

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