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  1. thiss is new

    well all out thare got two reples to forem post and like em some lot exstaly enfued bout the paiting the girl minis ahnd others well yes your ALL right which minis got look in to got call the war store and get som more IGs girls and might bunny em up will see on that tell then TTFN
  2. zombie mule

    hello all this is my first blog on here so its a sort one.
    this is a 28mm zombie mule.
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  3. I will stop to post...

    well,as seeing that no one seems to watch my posts,I'm to stop to write info here,no need to waste my time...
  4. Dark Eldar HQ

  5. 47 SPMs and to go

    yes i tun 50 and dont like it its cold and nasty and i like to gone lest to wiss but no or BBBBLLLEEEKKK turyky hillll just wish back home cude got to some place fun but this shit ass bus dosent run on sunday and cant get yesterday nuther will see a film and get to ac more and other one mikels or some thing yes going get all the haloween stuff i like cant go trick or treets or can i the ofile is friday night sarterday is haloween may be i go bug the nabers and welll wil see hate lam caster PA ...
  6. Dark Eldar's Arconte

    My next commission it's a mighty Arconte...let's see what can I do with it...
  7. First post!

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    This is my first blog post ever and is just really a test.
    I'll try to share a picture of my latest paintjob...
  8. Ogre Kingdoms

    My next comission it's just a Gnoblar Scraplauncher...just now working on assembly and clan parts...xd
  9. going to start some new stuffff

    well whent cool trains on sarter day and its wolk to get thare and must have haet exsotion becaous cude not stand up when i got home UUUGGG thoght i get some bits and a miltary moldel show info the them SIFI and fantasy can do both or one whith my kaos army or do undeed will see got get some how to get thare the guy who whas going go last time with back out last minet got get lest two plains to do it bacl home noprolen hare prolen will see think IGs with bunny camados all so will see 9 long years ...
  10. Circle Orboros - Shifting stones

    I did a quick and dirty job. Base coat of Greatcoat Grey. Two coats of Nuln Oil wash. One coat did not darken enough the recesses to my liking. After that, I did some dry brushing with some darker gray, white and blue. For the green glow on the runes, I used successive glazes of Iosan Green and a wash of Morrow White in the recesses. It’s not as glowing as I would have wanted but for a job under 3 hours, I’m fairly happy with the result.

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