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  1. What do you do while painting?

    Quote Originally Posted by uberdark View Post
    I watch shows I've watched a million times before. Buffy, Angel, Breaking Bad........but it almost always reverts to Star Trek DS9.
    I tend to listen to comedy reruns (HIGNFY, mock the week etc) or electronica /EDM or YouTube- Tabletop minions is a favourite.
  2. Started painting Blood Rage miniatures

    Starting to paint miniatures from Blood Rage beginning with the troll and thought I'd share.
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  3. A new Beginning

    I used to try and paint Miniatures with generic artists acrylics and pound shop paint brushes because I didn't know any better, when I uploaded a couple of my WIP pics that I thought were good to this place I was a little disappointed that they only rates about a 2.8 at best, then I joined the ChestofColours forum and my painting leapt ahead from that it used to be to something that I might be proud of again.

    Please look at my 'Old Painting Stuff' album to see what I used to paint ...
  4. new D ORKS and a IGs truck

    well the war store geting my cash and geting my stuff i see it coming tomorow and sdarter day cant what tell get it fist GW kit in long time not my falt if GW just put the price down i got more but cant but seen WW2 tacks just as mutch and NO THANKS wil not pay that mutch fore em not fare some one who get in the game just why ??? can see the mom and dads saying ARE NUTS ITS $ 50 TO $60 bucks fore a tack or books and $ 100 fore the two books you will need to play and dont ...
  5. [SALE] Various minis, bust for sale.

    Hello everyone,
    Frozenfang Thorunn bust sculpted by Joaquin Palacios = 42€
    Derkin of Nocturna Models = 12€
    Barin of Terrible Kids Stuf = 70€
    + postage and handling.
    For any questions send me a private message.

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  6. Dfarn it

    well going bad as ugel not even a TROLL 99 vews and no one say a post you figer some one will do so even your a bad sprller not even that well geting the ork book and a T rex truck and if thing go right a3 of vitora minis trucks at $18 bucks ten $ 38 bucks what do thing like to get WW 1 truckd with guns will see seen some cooll ones like do and yeas the tacks bet the WW 1 tacks if given todays stuff shoks and engen armer and some update guns will mack great troop trans ports be fun to ...
  7. Winter Effect - Chaos Lord


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    First off, thank you for all the positive feedback and a big thanks to those who requested this How-To. I apologize for the lack of visuals, but this model was an experiment for me and I didn't think it would turn out well enough to warrant interest from other painters. Anyway, without further ado, here is how I achieved the wintery Lich King effect on this Chaos Lord
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  8. new stuff and soon

    well all the TROLLS happy got rid of all below a 3 thoght the TROLLS willl like it got find some stuff that get me 5 and 6 i will and troll will ras the 3 and 4 and get a virel vid to never hapen got brack my leg to get that and thats NOT hapenimng you bleep your self if i get that be never on the you tube still think of the wollys i think lok good but yes TROOLLLs out thare never pained in liff or have army have some one eles do it me if do BTP be best still you DID NOT do it still i go ...
  9. its not good

    well the TROLL have spok and dont like it some minis on my page had good stong 5 s and druged down to 2s THE TROLLS ON THIS sight will not know a good mini if saw it dam TROLL gess just delet the lot like meat the TROLLS that gave me bad revews bet thay dont play and paint AT ALL we all KNOW TROLL dont do enny thing at all but put thare better down that one thing bout the ENET i cant stand the TROLLS espesaly the ones that never painted in liff dam it just like get all and say it to the faces ...
  10. The woolly are coming

    well the wollymammyth are coming out ok i post em on you tube you will see HOWWW CUT my figer and harts ok back to wollys like that word wolly the thing with the woollys got bild the how da and raly dont but must be dun and cover the paint jiob but mabe i mack it so i tack off and on will see going put a bolt thower its going look great cant what tell its dun but a sneek peek will may be hare to and face book that one thing havent dun my so caled gamer life well to all happy holdays ;;;;]] ...
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