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  1. Black Armour

    I went for a black armour on the Khorne Lord on the Juggernaut. It looks a bit chalky now, but i'll do some finishing touches with some inks and washes on the guy tomorrow or on wednesday. And that should do the trick.  I'm also thinking of giving the armour a hard coat finish, so it looks shiny, tough and well taken care of. Not that i think a deamon armour rusts, but who knows..? Well, here he is, the poor guy. 
  2. Juggernaut Project.

    The juggernaut is just about finished, so i'm about to start on the rider. The rider is usually painted red with bronze and brass details. But i'm thinking i might do something else. I'm thinking of going for either a black armour with hard highlights and some hard coat to make the armour look shiny and bad ass. The other option is a bronze armour, which is very Khornish as well. I think that would make a good contrast towards the red and bronze juggernaut.  I've also changed the base ...
  3. Willkommen auf meinem Blog

    O.K. dieser Blog ist derzeitig noch im Aufbau. Aber das wird schon noch.
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  4. Paladin Knight

    So I just finished my latest practice mini. Thought I'd give you a peep.  
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Failure... for now.

    I was working on my elves and was reminded that it is not particularly easy to get skin right. I'm going to have to strip them and retry soon. I ended up getting a blood wolf from Legends, just to make myself feel better. My husband and I both ended up getting sick, him more than myself. I ended up spending a great deal of time taking care of him, and the remainder of the time being more tired than I have been in a long time. Tonight is really the first night I've felt like painting in several days. ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  6. The Chaos Divide 16

    Here is another update, i decided rather then working on some obliterators i wanted to paint my chaos lord instead. Im happy with how he turned out and it gave me a chance to improve my grey nmm and my freehand work. Anyway here it is, comments and criticisms are very welcome.  
  7. New here

    Hey! I started this blog to get in touch with more painters and people who could give me tips and ideas so my painting can improve  I've been painting for quite a while but I've never really painted with anyone better than me.. So my style is based on my own ideas and what others taught me. But I'm pretty self taught. I've started a Skaven army with a friend, actually this week and will post new pics as soon as they are done.. Don't be afraid to take contact with me
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. Cork and bases

    Ripped this off CMON. Very handy to make some powerbases for you're heroes or nice regiments.
     Hello from Germany This is my first Article on CMON. I present the making of Bases like Rackham ! I hope you like it and you can use this article to build up your Bases. First of all you need following things : 1. Cork-Plate ( availible in all Craft-Stores ) 2. 1 Base 3. Wood-Glue or other Glue ( no Second-Glue !!!!!!!!! ) 4. Fine Sand ( GW or other Terrain-Sand ) 5. An old Brush You ...
  9. Grumlok & Gazbag

    So, in September 2008 I received my Collector's Edition of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. I allready knew that I would receive the miniature of Grumlok & Gazbag with it and I allready knew that I would do everything in my power to paint it in a passable way. Passable meaning not too shabby for a powerpainter and for myself absolutely great. In January I painted the miniature as my very first miniature. It was absolutely terrible. I didn't thin the paint and used a chaos black as primer. ...
  10. Juggernaut Work In Progress

    Ok, today i began working on my Khorne Juggernaut. It's been primed for quite some time now, but i haven't dared starting the actual work on it. Don't know why really. maybe because it's a huge and challenging mini. Yes, i admit, i'm a chicken.Anyway, today i began.  The mecjhanical muscle details on the legs are a watered down bronze tone from valejo. I'm thinking i'll highlight it with bright bronze and finaly wash give it a GW Devlan Mud wash. Same goes for the teeth and collar.As far ...

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