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  1. Space Wolves

    So I really like the Space Wolves models, my favorite being the Rune Priest, I thought I'd give him a try and get some practice. I went into Empire games on a Friday afternoon (Around 5PM) and didn't leave until close around midnight. I sat there in a deep painting trance and banged this guy out. A few more hours the next day to fix details and I had a nearly finished product.
    So over the weekend my car was broken into and all my models smashed (Not too bad only around 800 points of SM), but ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  2. Chaos Maruders

    So, i finished my first regiment of Chaos Maruders, for my new Chaos army. I haven't finished my last 10 skeleton spearmen for my VC army yet however. But I figured since the maruders have been gathering dust for quite some time i have to finish them first, while the skeletons are still in their unopened box. Very logical. This also means i have to finish my Juggernaut and my hero type before i can start on the skeletons. Anyways, back to the Maruders. I went for a "neutral look" ...
  3. Mistaken Identity

    It was pointed out to me today when I shared the final pictures of the Taco General Staff that I had in fact failed rather stunningly in my limited research into the correct uniform colors. Aparently all bicornes and the like were black in the French army. A cusory look around the web confirms this. . .not sure how I missed it before.

    But whats more, how did the people I shared the work in progress with miss it as well? I expect more from my readership! Yes thats right, the both of ...
  4. First Post

    Well, here we go..... I will be posting a few new updates shortly of the multiple projects I have going with hope for feedback as well as a motivation to get them done.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Woo! I got more tools!

    It was payday today! That means I got a few new colors of paints, and some washes. I also got the dullcote stuff, and yes, even ground cover. I also got some new minis to paint. Hopefully I can increase my scores with the proper tools and with the new information I got from the Chameleons and from the forums. I have to say, everybody has been very helpful in sharing their wisdom about the way the acrylic based paints work.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  6. Guest Painter

    Today I'll show some minis painted by my Girlfriend. She's been painting for years now and her favourite minis are creatures and greenskins.  Here's a deadly okr killah kan, ready to rip some imperial forces to shreds.
     Here's a Grot Gun crewed by two small greenskins, ready to unleash their gun on.. well who knows.. 
  7. Another Finished Mini.

    Ok, i have decided i can't start painting a new mini until i'm done painting all the unfinished ones. Otherwise i'll end up with 200 semi finished minis and have nothing to show for all those hours spent by the paint station (my kitchen table...)Here's todays finished mini. One of Rackhams Drune Kelts (I have another two...) I went for a deep red look instead of natural flesh, just to make him look a bit more demonic.   I'm pretty satisfied with this one.
  8. The return of Commander Taco

    I know, I know, I'm supposed to be working on the elf. I've been a complete spaz since we've moved and haven't really settled into a consistent project groove yet. I started these French staff officers before the move, and I just realized I was really almost done with them, so why not finish them off. The chance to have something completed was too strong, I had to take it. Now all I need is for the putty to dry, and they'll be on their way out the door shortly there after.

  9. Making a comeback?

    This isn't as easy as I remember it. I put my first minis in about 17 years on the site today, and they turned out okay. Not nearly as detailed as I remember. I underestimated the necessity of a primer and didn't get it thick enough. The acrylic paint is a completely different consistancy for me to work with, and when I mix small amounts I have to hurry to get the paint on the mini  before it dries. I think next paycheck I will have to invest in some inks and some more colors than ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. Khorne Warriors

    Here's my first regiment of Chaos Warriors.I tried to go for an alternative look, with bronze armour instead of the traditional red. Don't know if it's the light or what it is that makes the armour look like the same color as their boots. The armour however is a base of Valejo's black and brazen bronze, highlighted with brazen bronze and bright bronze, and washed with GW:s devlan mud. The boots are Beastial brown, washed with devlan mud.
    Here's a close up of the standard bearer, who's ...

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