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  1. My "other" workbench, well, almost

     Somebody took a picture of my workbench (well almost my). It look chaotic and picturesque enough and has enough of "mad scientist" feel  to be here. Two mice are recent addition after we figured that we fully qualified as a "mouse lab".
  2. New Pic... Hope this works

    Ok, I am trying to post this again... Hopefully photobucket and I work well together!
    Painting and Modelling ,
  3. Warlord Update 11.09.08

    The Warlord Titan is Finished! I dont have final pics yet but here are some near complete painted quick pics. Also as i mentioned b4 we have included lights and Sound! Check out the fabulous Dirge track originaly composed by my good friend Nikolai Ruskin.
  4. Brief Hiatus

    I have to pack and move. It'll probably later in the month before I have any time to paint and post again. I'm very excited about the new place, but it'll be a chore to get everything moved, and not painting will be a bit of a drag, even if it is for good reasons.

    until next time. . .
  5. FW avatar (update)

     Well, I am not dead just yet. That was a long time without updates. This last month was very busy and no, it had nothing to do with elections. No fun for me , although at some point I seriously considered going back to Missouri. Well, I finally found some time and worked on my avatar. I am sure realism-lovers will find it disgustingly unrealistic so there, it is -!.
  6. commander taco

    It took all of my restraint to not paint the fella on the right's bicorne in tortilla-brown and the ruffed fur edging as lettuce and cheese. These aren't as fun as the Gloucester napoleonic was, but they are an otherwise OK distraction during this stressful week.
  7. The Army Theme is Planned Out

    After much thinking, source reading, model looking and deliberation, I found a theme to go with.  I think armies in general do much better with themes, as you develop a more solid plan throughout and have a story to tell people that isn’t full of crazy elf names.

    After reading the new codex, as well as Gav Thorpe's weblog, I decided that I really liked the raiding, swashbuckling nature of the new Dark Elf list.  It also struck me that I had seen this kind of attitude ...
  8. The Current Nightmare

    This is as much for my own referance as it is for yall to know where I started from.  The current chaos of my Dark Elf Collection 1 Converted Master on Bretonnian Pegasus (with a whip)
    1 Sorceress (the beautiful new metal one)1 Assassin (the bald new metal one)1 metal Master (new one, modded with a whip)
    8 Shades (metal)5 Cold One Knights (painted in the now defunct Protectorate of Menoth scheme) (now sidelined)15 Dark Elf Corsairs with Handbows with full command (nice new plastic ...
  9. And so it begins

    So here's the story.  I have been out of all games workshop games for 4 years.  Out of Warhammer fantasy for 6.  I have NEVER had a completely assembled and painted fantasy army.That changed when the new Dark Elf Cold One's appeared.If you haven't seen them:Cold One KnightsSo I decided to dust out the new paints, buy a new codex and rulebook and build myself a Dark Elf army.  Little did I know this started me down a whole road of buying, building, and painting with no distinct ...
  10. One Deffcopta... maybe...

    Now to figure out how to move it here.....Not exactly how i hoped... but you can click the link under my files...    
    Painting and Modelling ,

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