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  1. loose!

    Some english archers I've been mucking about with. The muted yellow took a little trial and error, but I like what I've got

  2. State of my armys (paint jobs)

    So far I've been concentrating on painting the Wolves, as I didn't have any totally painted models to start off with. Currently I have:7 Blood Claws
    4 Grey Hunters
    2 Grey Hunters
    I'm trying to make the Grey Hunters up to minimum squads of 6, and then get a HQ choice (probably a venerable dread as I have one that is already half painted) so I have a legal army. (minimum for wolves is 1 HQ per 750pts and 2 Grey hunter squds which are our standard troops)
    As for the Empire, I already ...
  3. The Death Korp of Krieg Commissar - an update

    Updated Commissar. Unfortunately as with many FW miniatures this one had a fair number of casting errors. I fixed many of them but it still an ongoing process. So far I like the guy; it is moving along quite nicely
  4. Rivets, Rivets, and more Rivets!

    Got a lot or work done on the Battlewagon this weekend due to an extended winter up here in the northland. Got the Big Shoota moutns finished, completed the Kill Kannon mount, added a grot riggers station behind/under the engine, aaaaaandd I started the rebuild of the deff rolla. This almost makes my to do list shorter than my done list - finally. 
    I also started preliminary drawings for the 'ard Case. I need to start looking ahead for this as the mounting points, since they're going ...
  5. Welcome to my blog

    Hello, and thanks for looking at my blog. Let me tell you a bit about myself. At the time of writing, I'm a 24 year old living in the North Midlands, England. I started collecting and playing Warhammer 40,000 when I was 9 or 10. Back then my painting and modeling skills were absolutely awful. I had a collection of Space Orks based the Warhammer 40,000 second edition box set, and built up around it. I knew nothing about good painting, the plastic models were twisted away from the sprues, and ...
  6. Hoggy the hedgehog project :)

    I am going to create several albums here with my wife’s drawings. Her favorite media is ink-drawing and watercoloring. Coincidentally both are  the most difficult to digitize but I’ll do my best. This album will be one of the two dedicated to the Hoggy Hedgehog project.  Hoggy the Hedgehog Several years ago Kate created a children’s book about a small hedgehog. The concept and art were hers. They took this project pretty far. This album is complete book model at ...
  7. Imperial Guard KriegAUCTION Summer Scheme

    Hi There!!!
    Here you have my second Kriegg miniature. Those guys are amazing!! I strongly feel I will buy some commisar soon ;-)
    For this one I tryed to paint his robe with a really important light over him so in photos it seems sobreexpose but it is real


     Comments are more than welcome!!
  8. Ork Shokk Attack and Trukk Done

    Finished them a while ago - finally have photos!You can vote on them here... 
    I'm also tracking the progress of my scratchbuilt battlewagon here.... 
  9. Griffin artillerymanы

    Всем привет!

    Вот закончил 3-х бойцов артиллеристов.
    Изначально предполагалась просто ...
  10. April new Releases TOW

    Today we are proud to anounce our next bunch of new releases.
    We created a new vision of the historical world mixing with fantasy proportions we strongly feel you will find interesting. With this idea we tryed to demolish the wall between fantasy and historical.   TALE OF WAR MINIATURES WEB SITE         We will be still working in innovating and creating miniatures as original and impressive as possible. Thank you very much, Tale of War Team.

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