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  1. Take Two - My GF Rocks -

    Ok, so yesterday I go to the LGS - I pick up an Iron Man graphic novel, From Hell (cause you can never have too many Alan Moore comics) and a whole bunch of Reaper Minis (some at 71% off - got to love inventory reduction sales plus good dice rolls).  So I'm sitting in my chair reading Iron Man when the GF calls from the other LGS in town - to tell me she's snagged some more Orks for the Horde - on sale.  So she got me a Nob in 'Eavy Armor, a Slaver, and a Wierdboy.  So, the Mob Grows. ...
  2. 40k Chaos Warlord Titan BIG Update 2.24.08

     Heres the update i know some of you have been waiting for. As you can see she's getting prettier I've Added alot more detail. I've started giving it its Plastic card "skin" and added some icons. I added more detail to the feet, legs, chainfist, and missile launcher.
  3. More things we learned in school... again

    Every time I write in this category I sincerely hope that it will be the last note, yet, alas our school just begging for more... My 6th grader, while going through the characteristic features of things living needs to complete "Life Processes Project". The idea is to illustrate 9 process characteristic of living things. (On the side... we are not in kindergarten, you know, kids in 6th grade should be able to WRITE, not to DRAW). So. I am reading through the list of 9 and all of ...
  4. Great Stag conversion

    Had a really fun time the last week or so converting up this new Wood Elf character. I bulked out a Dark Pegasus with a pile of greenstuff, and gave him a massive rack of antlers made out of Dryad branches and many many pins. If you look carefully, he even has the boy parts alluded to in previous posts :-)The "rider" is attached to the base with several magnets, so he can clip onto a regular sized base if the mount dies, or even if I just want to include him in an army without the Stag. ...
  5. Priest of Sigmar WIP Sugestions?

    A new miniature incomming!! :-D I am happy with this face I hope you like it. COLORS (basic mixes (aprox)):Base: Brown Sand + Cad. redy + brown orange.Lights: elf flesh, space grey wolvesShadows: Cad. redy + brown flesh + blackGlazes: some oranges, red colors and some pink for the scar Suggestions?
  6. Started Painting Today

    If I could take a decent picture today, I'd photograph my first effort at a skin tone.  I don't like it - very flat and uninteresting.  No life to it at all.Oh, well.  I picked up a second mini after reading a short "how-to" on painting skin.  I've got a base coat on it, and will start building up from there.  Hopefully, I'll end up with something a little more "alive" even though these are the Repentia figures.  I discovered several things as ...
  7. Mek with shock atack gun - another update

    After much swearing I assembled this model. Some tweaking will be required but that I will do only after green stuff cures solid. Anyway. The person who made the sculpture is a good sculptor but a horrible engineer.  In order to assemble this piece 4 different joints must come together in 3 dimensions. Even if we assume perfect 4 in each position it would require some efforts. But… Whoever saw perfect joints in metal miniatures raise the hand, how about ...
  8. Some Tools Have Arrived

    My mini files and Dremel bits arrived today.  I'm quite pleased, as my mini files actually turned out to be jeweler's files, so much smaller and more precise than the mini files I have buried somewhere in this apartment.So, I spent most of this afternoon cleaning Seraphim and Repentia figures of the remnants of their flash.  Along the way, I managed to break the whip of the Repentia Mistress.  Not a big deal really.. I can either try to pin the two pieces together once my pin ...
  9. Should've kept my big mouth shut

    As the title suggests, I spoke too soon re: my computer situation. It didn't stay up and running for long, it was sidelined with more crippling errors shortly after I posted that. I haven't touched it for a few days, and I plan on wiping and trying one last time before setting it on fire. I'm probably not even kidding, it would be so incredibly satisfying...Anyway I've used my week off (spring break woo!) pretty well so far. I've done like 2 hours of reading for school and put probably 6 hours of ...
  10. WIP 40k Chaos Warlord Titan Update 2/20

    Here you can see I've constructed the basic head. I used foamcore, plastic card, polystyrene foam and some bits. Ive started adding some detail to the legs and Chainfist. Here im using high guage aluminum wire, acrylic half-circle rod, rubber tubes and more bits. My buddy Solomon started the design of the Apocalypse Missile Launcher bay for me. He used foamcore, plastic rods and bits from a Defiler kit. At this point you can get the basic appearance of the Titan with the existing componets connected. ...

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