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  1. Verdigris

    Issue #3 of Wargames Painting and Modelling is finally out, and includes an article I wroute about painting verdigris.

  2. Rejoicing in Athel Loren

    Woohoo, first game of the campaign is a massacre for the Wood Elves! I had to fight Bretonians too, which was making me nervous. In the end, my feint on the right flank with the Wardancers bought me enough time to whittle down the two units of Knights with my Glade Guard archers.In the end the key to victory was stalling him as long as possible. I held him at arm's length for a while and eventually my Wardancers got a chance to get into combat. They soaked a charge admirably using the 4+ Ward dance, ...
  3. Dwarf Thane

    Well here is the completed dwarf thane, i was a little bit skeptical about using red on the dragon parts of his helm but they work well to pick out the model and they match his cloak nicely so yay looks good to me. Trying to keep him in a similar uniform with the dwarf warriors i painted and i gave him a grey beard to signify his age and experience to become a thane. The cloak gave me some problems where i blended up from scab red> blood red>hints of fiery orange and skull white but the end ...
  4. Working with Fanatic Army Painter/ Quick Shade

    I've done recently some experiments with the Fanatic Army Painter (now it's called Quick shade for some reasons) and I'm pretty happy with the results. I never really understood how shading using inks works (my miniatures used to look just very dirty) but I'm having no problems with the FAP since I need just to dip the miniature. The Empire and Dwarven miniatures in the galleries just uploaded are an example of what you can do with the FAP, the colors (all GW) I used were:Skull white primerThe red ...
  5. I need more skulls!

    Yesterday's tally: primed several figures, finished assembling first batch of skeletons, watched King Arthur starring Clive Owen, who is a mediocre actor and was totally overshadowed by the Sarmatian knights, and The Devil Wears Prada, in which Anne Hathaway is totally overshadowed by Meryl Streep.
    The skeletons were a nice change, I managed to prime them and get through two basecoats and a wash before setting them down for the night.  I wanted to empty out my skeletons box and finally ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  6. WIP urban terrain for sci fi wargames

    This post in the official AT-43 forums shows some pictures of the urban project i was working on back in August.I wasn't happy about the level of details so i stopped the project moving to an alternative strategy using molds   
  7. Confrontation 4ed is coming

    the 4th edition of confrontation is coming, i haven't yet received by box so i don't know what will be the actualy quality of the pre painted minis (the one below is painted by the studio)
    more information and the official rules at the official Confrontation website thanks Rackham for giving away the rulebook as free download, to bad they will dismiss part of the awesome metal miniature range
  8. Let's start

    Hello everyone,just started my new blog, currently i'm working on some cool terrain projects for a fantasy/sci fi wargame i'd like to build a urban terrain, each building should be very detailed and placed on a small board so that i will be able to expand or change the config of the table i'm using the awesome molds by  since i'm building some big stuff i did some "aggregated" molds using as base components the small bits casted with Hirst arts molds ...
  9. Big Bird is finished

    Got my Eagle all done up. I'll add some minor static grass to the base later, I'll do one big batch for all the new models. Took longer than I thought to paint this guy, the beak was fun and I added a little reflection on the pupil. I normally don't even try stuff like that with eyes :-)The magnetic wings worked out well, strangely enough the only thing giving me problems right now is the flying stand. It looks like the plastic is beginning to crack around where I pinned the peg into his belly. ...
  10. WIP - Dwarf Thane

    Well i finally decided to start on another character and as always i spend alot longer on a character model than a normal soldier. Im pretty happy with the overall look at the moment, but i cant really decide on a colour scheme for the dragon'ey bits on his helm, im thinking a red/orange colour to go with the cloak. Obviously i have to finish the weapon and part of the helm, but i think im going to add some sort of extra fancy design on the cloak, maybe some runic pattern or celtic knot. Not sure ...

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