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  1. My Siege of Fort Retribution. (by Never Knows Best, pictures by Elric)

    GenCon, 2014. Part two!

    My search for information regarding the infamous Siege at Fort Retribution prior to visiting that hallowed ground turned up surprisingly little. Each nook I searched or corner I turned only increased my sense of paranoia, almost as if there was a massive conspiracy by Prevailer historians to have that place and its battle stricken from any official record.

    In my search all I found were two, tiny photos of a massive wall standing before blurry ...
  2. Bbbbblllleeekkk

    BLLEEEKKKK! NO HOBBY SHOW the socailed friend has fire school WT is fire school ???? i had filing that this shat will happen defaly nest year and drive my self will post new pics soon hate the idaer of laring to drive scary so menny bad drivers out thare and be one more me going to get my books and big thing got get big thing ork or inpirel if cude go the flee market had good filing that lot stuff i need but cant go :::((((
  3. wellll got more pics

    well dont know why the pics are not going i figer em out some how and add a pic to thisss looking and no butten hope i get go to the show this sarter day 8 long yaers sins ben to one gees just have go and aks if yes or no if no i get lot of books addlest 4 of em orks IGs lizrds and hi elves i hate the sibull thay gave me just i cant seem to change it wellll gots to go thanks all
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  4. welll the WHY FI BACK

    WELL the dimest thing lighting struck the whiers that my E NET goes thew and knoed me out fore 3 days UUUGG will be posting new and inproved pics soon just got tack enm
  5. welll back ben hacked

    well back still redgreen got post my logo soon just go to figer it out now might go a mitary odel show no war gaming but get to depay a lot will see a flea market hope lots GW stuf will see got get back in grove will have new mini pics soon look on the you tubes see more thare redgreen09 at you tubsa wiil post more
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  6. Stories from Spojie the Rank Amatuer Painter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spojie View Post

    This is how I painted a Vindicator that I recieved in the mail. Any comments are appreciated.

    Well, here is a step by step explanation of how it painted a Vindicator I got from Ebay. It was already base coated and my mission was to turn it into a Blood Angels tabletop OK vindicator. So here is what I did.
    Here is how it looked when I opened the package.
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  7. Hello Trails and tribulations of Transporting

    Although I love painted and playing with my 40k mini's I am constantly having to fix, repair and change out all the pieces that fall off during transport or game play. For example my Bane Blade. I have sense knock of the antennae and the stubber with commander. The problem is I have no safe way to transport him yet. I am saving the money to but him his own Battlefoam tray. Hopefully that will stop his problems. Next up is the radar dishes on everything else.

  8. Greetings all. Doomewheel's slow turn

    Hello everyone, I go by the name of doomedwheel and soon I hope to post a somewhat regular log of my armies and miniatures. I am an average painter at best, but still have the drive to improve.

    See you all soon.


    PS I'm new to this whole blog thing so, feel free to post smiley's laughing behind my back at the blunders and general 1990's ness of this.
  9. Want to have fun at a Convention? Demo Dark Age. (by Never Knows Best)

    GenCon: 2014. It is my third visit. Three visits, I feel, is enough to start to figure out this massive convention full of ticketed events, exhibitor booths, open play rooms, and tons of distractions and opportunities tucked away into every nook and corner. The goal? To have as much fun as possible.

    Like previous years I decided to do a few things differently. The exhibit hall is only open between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, so Rule #1 is "schedule no events during this time." ...
  10. Salt City Gladiator Games

    Salt City Gladiator Games
    2014 Event will be October 24-25 at the Legacy Events Center in Farmington, UT.
    This is the first grand tournament of its size to be held in Utah and covers a variety of TCG and tabletop games. Covering the course of two days we will match worthy opponents against each other to see who wins the top victory.

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