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  1. Next incoming: PoM

    Yet an other Parasite of Mortlex.
    Request for comment, especially critisizes and advises.
  2. Assemble in test:Tervigon W.I.P.

    For checking pose of mini and balance between limbs and abdomen, I assembled tervigon in test this time.

    Brass wires can be seen under the chest, will become cores of fresh cords to supply nutritionals for gaunts in wombs.

     I will replace the holes to place middle limbs.. I mean, It seems there are too narrow spaces between front limbs and middles, doesn't it? 
    Okay, I know weapon symbiote crash claws for tervigon is much expensive ...
  3. Request for comments; Tervigon W.I.P.

    Hi, All!
    This is my first note for CMON Blog,  so I took care of the pictures to make clearly to see for readers to see detail easily, was it success?

    The projection at root of tail will be sculpted to yet another termagaunt spawning.
     I'm going to make a leman-rass battle tank as base of this monster.
    Critisizes and advises are welcome. 
  4. Conversions


    I've started sculpting and converting a little bit more seriously...

    i hope you like's a GW minotaur converted to "giant"ogre for a Mordheim warband...

    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. my blog is at...

  6. Knights, knights and knights

    My thought is that the Lords colour is Black and Yellow (some Men at arms, Bowmen, Knight Errants and a hero or two)
    BsB will have Red and Yellow (and thus bringing the most of the Knight Errants)

    One unit of knights is Red on White (inspired by Knights templar)
  7. My name is Hog - Hedge Hog

  8. Serie Cabezones

    Quiero enseñaros alguno de mis modelados de humor.
    La serie Cabezones esta dibujada por el gran Enrique y modelada por un servidor Antonio Ramirez ,mientras que en las pinturas podemos encontrar grandes pintores como,Juan Francisco Piriz,Rafael Blazquez,Jaume Ortiz o Artur Miniszewski.

    Espero que os guste.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  9. Celtic and pseudo-Celtic patterns

    I am not sure whether these exercises of mine warrant writing and article but may be some ideas here will be helpful to people designing their own patterns. Anyway, questions? Comments?

  10. First Post!

    Okay, so since I've never actually posted on a blog before I'm not quite sure what to write.  To be honest, I only wanted to add a post so that the page wouldn't look so empty. /shrug
    Painting and Modelling ,

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