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  1. week 19: A mini zombie horde

    Whilst I appreciate that zombies are supposed to travel around in massive packs, everyone has to start somewhere. I have started by own zombie horde with a modest collection of 10 zombies. Even the most generous person would be stretching a point to call 10 a horde, but these are the first ever zombies I have painted so please give me a little latitude.

    These guys are a mixture of empire militia and zombie models. I opted to go for grey as a skin colour because I thought ...
  2. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 15

    I managed to paint quite a bit this weekend, im happy with this so far, meathook is the crew mekanik, i will probably end up rusting alot of his armour and bits & parts to give a bit more colour variation and make the model a tad more interesting, but so far im really enjoying this one aswell.
  3. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 14

    Tada another one done !, Herman Toothrot a heavy for the pirate crew Im happy with how he turned out i think he has alot of character and i have to admit the plastics are alot easier to paint for me than metal models. Anywho, think i will do meathook next, i've already actually started the base as you can see from the group shot, updates this weekend.

    4 down 6 to go.
  4. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 13

    Not too much progress last night, so only a short update on this little tale.
    The pistol is pretty much done, only tiny amounts to do on the bigger weapon, then i think i might do his other arm or possibly his back banner. Will probably apply some base coats for the hat tonight too.

  5. Week 18: The grave gets a guard

    The previous week was a disaster with only shields to show for a weeks effort, so this week I am pleased to report that I have managed to finish a complete unit of figures....

    The colour scheme has been chosen to match units of skeletons that I have already completed. This means green, green and more green. I opted to keep the greens on the shields and the clothing quite dark with little in the way of highlights. The reason for this is that I wanted the swords ...
  6. Space Hulk - Brother Zael (Heavy flamer)

    Another one. Here I attempted for the first time an extensive surface conversion. Part of the helmet, breastplate and shoulder pad were removed and replaced by crackling armor. Burning trinckets were added on the flamer side.The flamer was painted using MIG metallic pigments (also something new for me).

  7. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 12

    This guy is going to be called Herman Toothrot i need to dirty up his teeth a bit but it's only a wip atm. Plastics are much nicer to paint these days, the details are very crisp.
    All the other orks so far have been gangers, but this guy will be a heavy with his stubber on his back.

  8. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 11

    Well it's that time of the week again folks and et voila ! another shot of Dok Grog and one of the progress so far.

    Yarr landlubbers, more progress soon for all those army painters out there, having a fun project like this to break up the monotony of army painting helps a billion times over. Rather than losing any concentration i just want to keep on painting.
  9. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 10

    Quickie update, progress on the painting front is good, i managed to do more of the torso and clean up (sort of) the tools and do the skin on this model.

    I am finding some of the features on this one a little rough around some of the edges, which i should have cleaned up earlier. But it's not massively noticeable, actually i did find some of the details a bit confusing as to what was what and where went where on this guy. Maybe i was just tired, still i think i have most ...
  10. Week 17: A failure

    I have to report my first week of failure this year in week 17 of my task. This week I was trying to paint up 15 grave guard, but I have failed to finish a single figure. I experienced problems getting the sword colours looking  as I would like.

    In fact the only components I have managed to finish painting are the shields. I choose to use dark elf shields because I thought that these would give the unit the look I was after.

    Sorry about the lack of anything ...

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