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  1. Retrouver moi juste à côté

  2. Life and Camo patterns of the worlds

    Haven't been updating this blog for a while. I am painting but much slower nowadays. Other things are piling up. As somebody mentioned it " I was surprises to find out that real life sucks". There are three items in a various state of disarray, including a squad of blood angel terminators, nurgle blightdrone and new commission of a lone wolf. I will post terminators and the lone wolf as soon as manage to take pictures and for this I actually have to come home early for once.
    Meanwhile, In ...
  3. Week 8: An even bigger pile of bones

     Completed the unit of skeletons this week. Well I say completed, I need to add a emblem and some words to the standard bearer. No idea what to do yet, so I thought I would leave it on the shelf and see what comes to me.


    Quite fun to make and paint and has given me the chance to raid my bits box, which is getting a bit packed. For my own records when I come back to paint more skeletons the paint recipe is Scorched brown ...
  4. WIP Eldar

    So this is the eldar autarch im working on at the moment some feedback would be good as I seem to have plateued at the moment.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. A turn marker

    When I play at my local club, we keep a track of which turn we are in by keeping a dice with the turn number displayed. However this can easily get mixed up with other dice. I decided it would be a nice idea to build my own turn marker. My main criteria were that it had to be easy to build and nice and cheep. Here is how it turned out..Here is how I built it..Basic components are a GW 40mm round base, a lid from static grass (any would do), a bit of rod that fit nicely within the hole in the underside ...
  6. Week 7: A pile of old bones

    Week 7 has come and gone and all I have to show for it is a small pile of bones. Nicely piled in skeleton form of course, but just a pile of bones non-the-less. I have decided to try and stay away from red colour schemes because I have seen too many red skeleton units. Besides I quite like the green colour as a contrast to the yellow (ish) bones colour.

    I found these to be some of the most fun figures to assemble because I just tipped out my bits box and had a play. Two of ...
  7. A valentine Vampire (ish)

     To mark valentines day I give you a vampire with a couple of hearts on his cloak. Ok, its a half hearted effort, but it was the best I couple think up and it fits in with the remainder of the VC army. His flesh was built up from Graveyard Earth to Bleached bone in an attempt to make it look more undead, but I added a bit of red to his cheeks and I think I have lost the effect.He was floating above the gravestone in an attempt to make him rabk up and to simulate his move 9 thanks to his Talisman ...
  8. Week 6: A slight diversion

    This week I believed that I needed to paint a few empire figures to get an army ready for GT. I had six swordsmen, five halberdiers and a priest of sigma. I have been painting the army for 7 or 8 years now, but I always need to add a figure here or there to round off a unit to an appropriate size.
    The centre figure here is a significant adaptation of the newer swordsman sprue.

    The other figures date back to the last edition of the empire figures. Whilst these are ...
  9. New Camera, old figures

    I have treated myself and brought a new camera. I got myself a Canon EOS 1000D (rebel if you are American). Great fun and so very much easier than borrowing the work camera. To celerbrate this I hove photographed some old but favourite figures. These were painted three and a half years ago and used a lot of brass etched leaves and green stuff.Enjoy if you like those things. 
  10. Mordor Siege Bow

    I made this small diorama about a month ago. I focused on painting and background leaving minis just as they came in the box. It was a pleasure to deal with Mordor Siege Bow, though I guess, wariors of Minas Tirith won't think so    
    Painting and Modelling ,

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