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  1. Mega Deff Dread ver.2 painting Part2.

  2. Tree of Gondor

    is real. Spotted in Washington DC  and so is Shelob... also found nearby    
  3. Mega Deff Dread ver.2 painting beginning

  4. Mega Deff Dread prototype 1$-

    Mega Deff Dread prototype sell it in eBay.1$ start!
    handling cost: 0$
    Shipping cost: actual expenses Shortly!
    Painting and Modelling ,
  5. Ork Looted Tank

    Champion of GWJP2009grand paint contest Freestyle category.G W H Pm o r e 
    Painting and Modelling ,
  6. Erster Eintrag

  7. Some logo/banner designs.

    From time to time I do various computer assisted designs an collages. Nothing too professional but occasionally it comes out pretty dissent. Here is a logo that I concocted for a certain gaming club, that could be easily converted to a banner. In fact I am working on a renegade version of this. This was done in Corel Draw and exists in a variety of vector formats, if anybody is interested -yell, I see what I can do  
  8. Hook painted by Wappellious

    Hiii there guys!!! I have been speaking with Jim for a while and finally here it is!!! his version of our talerevision HOOK!!! Thanks Jim! enjoy
  9. Fleshtear...ific!

    Apologies for the title I've got a lot done since the last update, including the chaplain, two death company dreadnoughts, the commander and his honour guard.I've had a couple of people contact me asking why I've left the scrollwork so light and plain. This is because there will be some 'scruipture' of some description on all the scrolls in the amy, be they armour detail or actual parchment. Generally I save all that stuff to do as one big batch just before finish the bases, which is why the ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. NMM on the Runelord

    I've been working some more on the Runelord. I washed the bronze to tone down the yellowishness of it a bit. It's a little less yellow but I lost quite a bit of the toning. Tried to correct it but instead i put in too much white in some areas. At first I thougt I had to start all over, but now I'm leaning towards that it might actually be a quite quick fix.The iron/steel NMM wont turn out the way I want it to. The brightest white wont turn out quite white, it has a sliiight gray tone to it, it frustrates ...
    Painting and Modelling ,

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