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Painting and Modelling

  1. April new Releases TOW

    Today we are proud to anounce our next bunch of new releases.
    We created a new vision of the historical world mixing with fantasy proportions we strongly feel you will find interesting. With this idea we tryed to demolish the wall between fantasy and historical.   TALE OF WAR MINIATURES WEB SITE         We will be still working in innovating and creating miniatures as original and impressive as possible. Thank you very much, Tale of War Team.
  2. Another WIP - commissar of Krieg

    Another attempt at black. This time it is reall black (meaning not black at all . I started with VMC Dark Grey shaded it with VMC German grey, shaded it more with 1:1 VMC German Grey: VGC Hexed Lichen, washed it over with very dilute VGC Hexed Lichen. Highlighted with 1:1 VMC German Grey:London Grey, highlighted it more with diluted electric blue. Some random green and brown washes were applied. Here is the result of this... In general I like the way it goes so far but taking this ...
  3. Space 1889: The Final Figure

    I finally finished this martial artist, which is the last in long project I've been working on for a customer's RPG game. I'm really excited to be able to send him this box of nicely done figures, and know they will be enjoyed over many many nights of the game he's running.

  4. Get off my lawn.

    I just finished this silly little terrain piece given to me by my wife, back when we'd only been dating a short time. I think its pretty neat in its own right, but that origin makes it even cooler. I think it's by Reaper.

  5. Pepito Grillo

    Hola Chicos/as!Aqui estoy de vuelta y vuelta con el pequeño Pepito Grillo la mala conciencia de pinocho. Como veis me estoy pintando todos y cada uno de los Tale Revision y es que para mi tienen un no se qué, que qué se yo... que me encantan. El pinocho no tardara mucho en caer. Este pequeño es un regalo para mi Girlfriend;D
     Supongo que la eleccion de colores no hace falta explicarla asi que me meto directo al lio. Todo el esquema de "piel" ...
  6. the flowing robes of Xiao Li

    Working on getting the hakama going with the right amount of vibrance. I may need to tone this down a little tonight, but I am liking it.
  7. The iron fist of Xiao Li

    This is the last figure for the VSF project- A chinese serving woman / body guard for the Victorian lady.

    This one is from Crunch-Waffle

  8. Look what arrived at work today...

    YAY!  Should beef up my force to a decent size!All I gotta do now is build/paint it all. 
  9. Lorian - Tale of war wood elf

    hi all!here´s mi first mini to ebay.a 28 mm tale of war elf sculpted by Simon Remis.hope enjoy it!
    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. Display base for Dryads

    This was a lot more fun than I thought! I built a display base/movement tray for the Dryad regiment. I used a 99 cent wood thingy from a craft store, and carved up several pieces of balsa wood to accomodate the bases. The tops of the bases are almost exactly the right level to match the stand, it looks really nice in person when you can get a better sense of depth. Same as before, click the image for a bigger/clearer shot.Tom one-upped me for the day's work though, he's got the core of a Necron ...

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