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Painting and Modelling

  1. Mek with shock attack gun - last update

     I consider it done. I might return later on to do some light touch ups and corrections depending on feedback I might receive. Added base, which required substantial amount of conversion - one of these snotlings doesn't exist it had to be repositioned and arms had to be altered.  The leg that has not highlighted and chipped all over is the one Mek is stepping on so I ignored it.  Comments, suggestions and criticism are welcomed as always
  2. Dryads ready to paint

    I'm pretty excited to paint this next unit up for my Wood Elves. They each represent a couple hours worth of hacking, pinning, filing, gap filling, etc. and I think the result matches the fluff better than the trees with boobs from the plastic kit.Click the image to view the 800 pixel version in a new window. You can see the details way better.
  3. Adding to the Sons of Russ

    Space Wolves were my first and best loved 40k Army, ever since I started.  I lost a lot of the models from my original army, and stopped playing for a period of about 5 years.  Now I'm eager to get right back into painting and converting so this is what I had left over:Venerable Dreadnought (converted 'nilla metal dreadnought)
    Iron Priest
    various metal Terminators7 Wolves 9 Blood Claws
    6 Grey Hunters
    12 Grey Hunters1 Land Speeder (missing parts)
    1 Biker ...
  4. my lack of painting

    I've haven't had much time to paint much recently, but I certainly have been working on miniatures of late.  This January I accepted a job as a game designer for the D&D Miniatures game at Wizards of the Coast, so the last few months have been a real wild ride.  It's been absolutely fantastic!Unfortunately, it also involved a cross country move to Seattle, so I left Madison (my home for the past 15 years, almost half my life!) and it's quite a dramatic life change.  (But a good ...
  5. Poor Knights of Christ

    Brian De Jay, knight Templar. Fought with Edward I, and was killed at Falkirk.(ebob miniatures). Flanked by two Templar sergeants (perry miniatures).

  6. Exarch Paiting Test

    This is the Exarch Test bed, The models are nto finished yet, as I wanted to ensure that the army would look cohesive as a whole, While still retaining somewhat Canon color schemes,
  7. Space Wolf Lord painted

    After some days of innactivity again due to bandwidth problems, I am here again!!! I will need to post all photos in imageshack I think...XD   EEEEnjoy!!!Comments are always welcome!! Saul 
  8. The Land that Time Forgot

  9. How I spent my Sunday night

    Yep. Finals around the corner (Wednesday) and 3 term papers due in the next 10 days, and I spend my entire Sunday evening setting up my home theatre in a new room and with a new stand. I never want to strip a speaker wire ever again... but I will in a few days once I have somewhere to mount the rear speakers. Not looking forward to it.
  10. Soldiers of the Earth

    So I finished the Germans, and went back and finished the Brits' bases as well, and got them all properly photgraphed:

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