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  1. Гет стартед

  2. seeing if i can finally work this thing.........

  3. The Chaos Divide 13

    I have currently finished 3 more tsons marines from my 2nd squad but i have also just done the leader of the squad too. I wanted something different for this squad so it wasn't identical to the other one, i darkened the armour colour of the blue and i used a different sorcerer model. The marines i used were my old recycled nightlords with the proper heads. Im really happy with this new sorcerer but comments and criticisms are very welcome.  
  4. De los mios

  5. Outbreak

  6. Tzeentch choo-choo-chooses you!

    A quick shot of the WIP Chosen unit, I think the color scheme will definitely pan out nicely. I'll start working on the rest of the unit plus the Knights, and hopefully I'll have the big fat batch of models all finished in assembly-line fashion within a week. Gotta start ramping up the speed extremely quickly here or I won't finish on time.These last 2 pics aren't 100% up to date, but they show the color scheme pretty well. The leather boots will be the dark brown/purple color, and the metal on ...
  7. Fun with pigments!

    Back after the holiday season. I had to order 3 of my paint colors and they didn't arrive until after holiday was over so unfortunately I didn't get started as soon as I wished.I am using Golden fluid acrylics. They're not the sort that comes in the tubes. I thought about trying a 'proper' tubed paint but I know they're crazy viscose and I thought they wouldn't do too well with the amount of thinning I'd have to do. The fluid acrylics are much closer in liquidity and I've only got to add a bit of ...
  8. There will be blood. . .

    The funnest part of zombies is almost always the goreification. I was pretty happy with the way the camo and body armour came out on these, so there was a brief moment of sadness as it got all goopy, but it was short lived.

  9. New York Demon In The City 2009

    This year New York City wide miniature painting competition will take place on January 31th. Entrants will be competing in 6 categories: 1) Single Miniature – a single miniature on up to 40 mm base from Warhammer 40K, Fantasy, Necromunda, Mordheim or LoTR ranges 2) Large Models/vehicles – a large model on 60mm+ base 3) Group – any game legal squad, regiment or any other appropriately named group of fighters. 4) Duel – two people fighting ...
  10. Those about to rock. . .

    I've had this chunk of laminated foam sitting around in a box since Ben and I built our hills years ago. I finally carved it up last weekend while I was fixing the hillside, and today got it painted. A good scenic bit of difficult ground.

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