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  1. The Chaos Divide 10

    Well after about 4 days of painting (after work of course ) i managed to finish painting this terminator as a test model. Im happy with the results but i still think the metal models are really static and im not keen on painting metal models. But anyway the blending of it all is nice and i was trying some different techniques too. I generally work from dark to light when painting but this time on the blue and greys i worked from medium colour and shaded and highlighted. It was quite fun and i ...
  2. The Chaos Divide 09

    Well i finished painting another tsons marine, but i wanted to do a test model with the terminators, and so far its looking pretty good but i do have some regrets not getting a plastic boxed set but i think i will do when FW release some tsons conversion bits. Anyway enjoy the wip, its not done yet.
  3. bits and bobs

    After 6 long weeks of no painting, I finally took a break from putting our house in order and laid brush to lead today on some random projects. A new version of my zombie stoner (by request), a WW1 officer, and Marshal Ney:

    It's amazing how much I missed this.
  4. The Chaos Divide 08

    Well as a quick update, i've now put together 12 more rubric marine and 5 tzeentch terminators with lord. But i also managed to finish painting a sorcerer for my first squad in about 10 hours, i think its not bad work for tabletop quality. The freehand was fun especially on the shoulder pad and parchment, Im pretty happy with this guy. Anyway your thoughts and criticisms are welcome as always.
  5. Archonte of the Faathi

  6. Casquettes en green stuff

    Tout d'abord concernant le matériel, vous constaterez qu'il n'est pas nécessaire d'avoir pléthore d'outils. Pour ma part, voici avec quoi je fabrique mes casquettes:
    - green stuff GW
    - gants en latex
    - critérium
    - compas (ou tout autre objet fin et pointu).

    Ce n'est pas très compliqué, il faut faire des boulettes...

    1.La visière

    Faites un première petite boulette que vous ...
    Warhammer 40K , Tutoriels
  7. Who is the Iron Man?

    Hello les gens, j'ai craqué: Après avoir regardé un film adapté des Comics Marvel, j'ai peint un guerrier nécron à nouveau.
    Et oui, Tony Stark débarque sur les tables du 41 ème millénaire! Imaginez toute une armée comme ça. Ça serait rigolo! Enfin pour le coup, j'attendrai quand même la sortie de la nouvelle gamme nécron, histoire de voir si ça vaut le coup. ++ Sentenza

    Warhammer 40K , News
  8. HI THERE!

    Welcome to my small space here on coolminiornot's blog! I just wanted to tell you something about me!I'm 20 years old and I'm from Rome, Italy!I attend the second year of University, I'm studying arabic and japanese!
    I know Warhammer thanks to my beloved boyfriend who works for Games Workshop e thought me to play and paint! (Thanks Darling! _)So... it's been a year since I started collecting and painting miniatures, at the moment I have 2 armies: Eldars and Chaos Daemons (Tzeentch And Slaanesh) ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  9. Another quick note...

    Just finished and submitted the essay I was working on, hooray! I really should be studying (have an exam at 9am and I haven't begun to study yet) but I want to post a super-quick progress report before I bury my face in another textbook.I didn't get any work done on the Venators today... but I did start painting an Ogre Maneater for the same army. I have the attention span of a gnat.
  10. Like a kid in a candy store

    Well, my guy took me to the local hobby shop. We have a Games Workshop store that's closer but there's no way I'm paying full retail for GW if I can avoid it; and I wanted to check out some of the "newer" stuff from other manufacturers... they're not really new anymore since I've been in a hidey hole for years!And I felt like a kid in a candy store! They had a fine selection of Reaper (and old favorite of mine!), plus Dark Age stuff, and even Crocodile Games-I love the Basti. The guy there ...

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