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  1. Need some Iliad figs

    I'm trying to track down 3 figures from the now defunct Iliad games: Murata, female Aeromancer of Heraklyn, and the Air Elementals.Any leads on tracking these down would be greatly appreciated.Her , Him, and Them. Thanks!
  2. It gets worse before it gets better

    After successfully sacrificing itself to save the remaining empire army when the shelf fell in my cabinet, I thought I owed it to its crew to attempt to put it back to gether again.Therefore most of yesrday was spent taking apart and reassembling this huge hunk of metal. I had originally assembled it without the turret and with a hellblaster cannon as its main cannon, because I could in the old version of the rules and because it was funny to have a steam tank running around with a killing machine ...
  3. Killer Kan II - The Experiment Continues.

    I made progress this weekend on the "white" Kan. I feel like I'm closer to what I'm looking for on the worn, white panels but not there yet. I think I need to tint it with the   pastels/pigments. I'm not sure why I'm hesitant to just do a wash.  I think it might be that I know I can remove all of the pigments powder without affecting the paint underneath if I don't like the results, then start over. A wash would be harder to recover from.

    I'm hoping for a popup ...
  4. amazon pep squad

    the musician and standard bearer for the warrior women are underway

    go team, go!
  5. Need more nails

    I have recently brought myself a cabinet to keep my figures safe. With the figures only 28mm high I decided it might be a good ide to add more shelves. So I had three glass shelves cut to size and added brackets using a well known glue product. Last night whilst watching telly I heard a crash from the back room.You guessed it the shelf gave way and the shelf and my demonhunters and blood bowl figures had landed on my poor old steam tank.Guess this is now the fourth time I'm going to have to try ...
  6. Warrior preist/ 1/12/07

    Ok, so i havent got up to much today,ive done about 3 hours revision for some GCSE mock exams in a few weeks, and i did a bit of homework. Hopefully tonight i will be able to get some painting done. I'm thinking of filming this project and putting it on youtube, mainly to test the camera but also because my parents lost out digi camera. The camcorder can focus up to 5cm so its pretty good for "WIP" films.Might post again later, we will see.Alex.

    And now to disappoint everyone who clicked here:Open question - what music makes you so unbelievably happy? I've got some ELO and can't stop singing Mr Blue Sky even when there's something else playing.
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. Samurai, Martial Artists, & Assassins, Oh my!

    Finally finished this batch:

    The assassin an be seen here for now, and the other 4 have full pics on CMON, here, here, here, & here.

  9. Killer Kan II WIP - An Experiment in White

    I've started the second Kan in my Killer Kans squadron. This one is based on a Dreadnought I saw on ebay once (dang, wish I would have saved the image!). The main color scheme was a dark red and dirty white with metallics and was pretty cool, in my book. The idea I'm going for here is not one of extreme weathering and detailing, just looks like it's been cobbled together from old panels.

    At this point I'm not entirely happy with the results on the feet. The killer kan feet are notoriously ...
  10. Rant about GW

     Abuse. I may be young and naive but! but!, i do know what respect is. Today when going to the gw store, i met a GW staffer who was on a transfer because the regular staffers were ill. He seemed a nice enough guy, but when i sat at the modeling table, i soon found that he was a GW brainwashed zombie. When rumaging through my paints, i seleced a vallejo white, straight away he was breathing down my neck, ranting about getting paint in my eye...??!? WTF! what kind of a retard did he think i was? ...

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