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  1. More detail, will I know when to call it done?

    I have added more detail, metallic trimmings and a bone white that looks very bright given all the dark grey.  Although I like the structures the detail is a bear to paint.
  2. The the most ancient "Mr. smiley face" unearthed

  3. Progress on the structures (no bling)

    A couple of shades of grey, some red for the tiles, and metallics for the stained glass windows.  Still has a long way to go but so far so good.  It was a busy week for me, otherwise I would have more accomplished.  I really like painting these guys.Click on the image to get a larger sized view.
  4. Gods what a month.

    Been a bit for me here.  Sorry guys - things went to hell last month around here, and I just didnt feel up to Blogging about it.  Needless to say things are better now, and I should be back to the inane chatter soon.
  5. Make Love not War - IgNobel Peace prize 2007...

    goes to The Air Force Wright Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio, for research and development of a "Gay Bomb," which would cause enemy troops to become sexually attractive to each other. Read all about it here! I will post a detailed update as soon as more information is released
  6. Cars.....I'm with Billy on this one

    <p>Yesterday was an interesting day.&nbsp; The not so good;</p><ul><li>My car broke down.....over heating for no reason</li><li>had to cancel all my appointments because of said car </li><li>had to take the day off because of said car</li><li>will be short of cash (yet again) because of said car</li><li>my best friend is out of town right now so no one to moan at because of said car</li></ul><p>There were, ...
  7. Compulsion Swing - Now On to D&D!

    I've been a bit remiss in my modeling updates, heck, I've been remiss in my modeling - period. My compulsive behavior has shifted from WH40K and modeling to D&D recently.I run a homegrown campaign with my kids and their friends. I have a general outline of the overall story arc but nothing written too far out. This is good since I can build things that  happen to the characters into future events, makes them feel like they're really part of another world and their actions mean something. ...
  8. Chaos Spawn - Updated WIP

    Updated. Still need to finish his base and clean it up here and there.
  9. Current Projects

    My sincere regrets for the terrible pics, I will update them when I have a few minutes. Other WIP that I will add soon:-Mech Tau-SM, ravenguard and other-Fallen Craftworld Eldar-Inquisitorial 
    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. Primed and ready to paint. (Now with 20% more Bling)

    The buildings are primed and ready to paint. So too are the wizard and the duck.

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