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  1. new pics and vid on the tube

    YESS FINALY did some pic tacking and vids got my amazons out and did some pics the right whay and vid of it fore DA youz tube will have more like get cavary fore em the olny one i think i can get are the mantic one frome kings of war thay have battel nuns if do right i can show lot more skin and clivege to but the cat thay ride like change out fore hores and get charet fore em thare must be a copany that get to do it butt got stuck with the cats EEERRRGGG willl see can do em as with flaills ...
  2. Aaaaqarrrggggg!!!!!!!!!!! !!

    had ALLLL NEW PICS and cant post em why dont thay esepet my pis frome my new cam dont know AAARRGGG now got tack the pics all over and ues the old cam EEEERRRGGG will have em latyer if like see what i what tacking pic of its on the you tube at redgreen09 you see soon youl see the pics i will shud have posted GGRREEERR!!11
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  3. Archways & Windows

    All the archways and windows have a thin strip of foam board to try and add to the architectural design. The windows are lined with card to add to the detail and also strengthen the cut out. Trial and error lead to many hours replacing the ones which broke.

    Some of the interior spaces have carved foam steps and some carved tiles/flagstones from pizza bases.
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  4. Current Progress:

    The majority of the walls have been cut (42 Separate pieces of foam board), currently held together with cocktail sticks until I begin painting the interior.
  5. The Footprint.

    Photos of the progress so far ...

    The foot print is set on a base W 50cm, L 70cm, H 45cm.

    Updated 01-25-2015 at 02:22 PM by Mech Gear

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  6. Great resource!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey03 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BloodFather of Kharnath View Post
    BaM, I can't really say where the gate comes from, as it was a gift from our friend Bailey03.
    Perhaps I can help with that then. Those gates are model train scenery. The company that makes them is called Busch. Search for 'Busch HO 6016' and they're called 'Fence with Gate'
    I believe I picked them up from euromodeltrains (which is based in NJ). Those fences are plastic, by the way. If you're looking for etched brass gates here are some options...

    This guy on
  7. welll its new year big fat hairry daill

    welll nuther year and nuthing chainge well cant dio nuthing we got do some gameing may be that will chare me up will see look to the tube to see vid ALLL out thare yes i see the vew nubers and not smaill say some thing how speell bad or i liker the mies or dont over 400 cant be rong well all it might get beter hapy new year ALLLL
  8. first finished airbrush model - storm talon for my son

    So here is my first airbrushed model using vallejo model air and my custom spray booth with the airbrush that I got for Christmas. The effect is quite good, and I really enjoyed using the airbrush. The set up cost £70 for tank-compressor, ...
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  9. welll my evil plan

    well working rats and thinking of macking rinos out platic card why not need em fore the mariens will might do it be cool WW 1 like tack thiking be good got get the bakinni klad I G GIRLS WITH guns if not cavrt the dark elf wip girls cude not be that hard just give big boobs and guns plaining to do it enny who sop why not glade i have my icon onmy page OOOOO HATE that other one yes got post ne pitind minis will see nest week will have new pics well TTFN
  10. WIP - Orc Officer armed with mighty Crusher

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