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  1. Intercambio de miniaturas.

    En el foro de Ars minima se ha realizado un intercambio de miniaturas, basicamente consiste en que el azar indica quien te mandará una mini y a quien le mandarás tu una. Supon ago que para algunos no es nada nuevo... para mi si :P La mini elegida tiene que ser sorpresa, así que no comentaré nada al respecto no vaya a ser que hazarosamente el implicado lea esto xD Solo añadir que espero salga algo aceptable... que no bueno
  2. Stormboy Nob WIP - Gotta Start Somewhere

    I've started work on my Stormboy Nob. I usually start with the head, gives me something to look at, a character referece if you will, while I paint the rest of the model. The face is the most important part of a model and if it doesn't impart the character of the model, it just won't work. This one does, in my book. GRRRR!
    Last time I primed (white) and base colored the face area with GW Foundation Paint Orkhide Shade and washed the teeth in Chaos Black.I finished the teeth and gums after ...
  3. I can't get hold of my brother

    <p>As you may know, The San Diego area is being hit by one of the biggest fires in California history.&nbsp; My brother lives in Escondido, a suburb of San Diego that's being hit hard.&nbsp; My Dad called me an hour ago asking that I keep trying to call my brother.&nbsp; He lives in the evacuation zone.&nbsp; No one's heard from him or his family for 2 days.&nbsp; He has a wife and 3 daughters.&nbsp; Please keep him in your thoughts.&nbsp; </p><p>I normally ...
  4. First 40K Gameday of the Season

    As I mentioned in a previous blog my friends and I only play Warhammer 40K from October to April to as the summer months here in Minnesota are taken up with yardwork, house projects and travel. This last weekend was our first Gameday of the '07-'08 season.

    We had three new(ish) tables to play on this year. A swamp/marsh, which in my opinion, was the best looking table this time. A fall colored midland forest that I think could have used and extra small ruin or two to liven up the table ...
  5. Naked Ladies

    Its frustrating when I discover I need a color of paint that I don't have once a project is going, rather than before I start it. Now I have to wait for the colors to arrive via mail before I can continue on Artemis' shield.She's done otherwise, though I am going to re-do her crest. Oh well, I can continue to work on the next four ladies in this group while I await the mail. Oh sorry, you came here to see naked ladies, not listen to me whine about my paint stock. Here is Artemis sans shield with ...
  6. artemis WIP 2

    I worked out the midtones, and took the edge off the shadows a bit, and now I am quite happy with her flesh tones.


    This note is to say CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners of this years golden daemon UK 2007 and especially the winner of the slayer sword congratulations
    Painting and Modelling ,
  8. I finally finished one!

    <p>I finally finished&nbsp;a whole mini.&nbsp; I paint slow.&nbsp; I just can't seems to call something done.&nbsp; That's why I do competitions.&nbsp; I have a deadline and have to call something done by a certain date.&nbsp; In this case it was a mini for a small monthly competition at a group on Ebay.&nbsp; I'm especially pleased with this one because the whole thing gelled so easily.</p><p>What some people don't know (those who have followed the ...
  9. Athena (née artemis)

    A quick sneak peak at Hasslefree's Artemis, who is going in with my Cult of Athena / amazons.

    I was going for a bit more contrasty flesh then usual. . .I think I'm getting there. This was after some inks last night... now to bring in the mid tones a little, and I think I'll have a really nice finish.

    Painting and Modelling ,
  10. Mindless quoting without analysis or context - bad

    Ok, Just got back from incredibly boring and pointless “scientific” gathering and run into the CNN material on what Dr. Watson has to say about African intelligence. The original link is here This piece is actually very good example of how media operates. The material contains 664 words of which 44 belonged to actually what was said in the subject. Needles to say that the quote on CNN was taken completely out of context and cannot possibly invoke anything but righteous ...

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